Kiteoberfest 2015

A 321 and Best Kitboarding Demo Event
Words by: Bret Sullivan and Ben Jopling

The anticipation for this year’s Kiteoberfest 2015 was overwhelming and rightfully so with events like the Woo Sports big air contest, stand up paddle battle, and costume contests. This one of a kind Halloween inspired kite event is organized every year by Roman Chavannes and his team at 321 Kiteboarding in Cocoa Beach Florida. Best Kiteboarding was there in full support to unveil the new 2016 Roca kite for the first time in Florida. The crowd showed up in large numbers to try the new Roca kite from Best Kiteboarding.

The Roca blew people away, and had everyone curious with questions about the new tech available on the kite. Such as the new triangle battens which reduce flutter along the trailing edge and the new bridle deflectors that prevent bridles from wrapping around the wing tips. With the simple but effective 3 strut design, it offers the most solid construct in the industry and everyone jumped in line to try the kite. The phrase of the day was, “this kite delivers smooth consistent power and is extremely forgiving in the light winds and head high waves.” With wind conditions at 14-17 knots straight on shore and the waves at 1-2 meters the Roca performed like a champion for all who tried it.

The stand-up paddle battle went down as guys and girls fought it out in the shore break, which made for some entertaining fun. Followed up by the Woo Sports big air contest, which went on throughout the day. Despite light air conditions guys lined up in heats of 3 with 30 minutes each to boost their biggest jumps! I was honored to be asked to judge the freestyle “expression session” late in the afternoon, while team mate Ben Jopling competed. Ben threw down the best trick of the day despite dying wind conditions which landed him a tie for second place! During the award ceremonies he had a limbo battle to determine the winner of the tie breaker. Ben also took second place in the WOO Sports big air contest at 6.7 meters. Not bad for 14-17 knots of wind! I’d like to thank the organizers and participants of this amazing event!