Kiteclash 2016

Congratulations to Best team rider Jack Rieder for winning his Junior Canadian title last week at the annual Kiteclash event in Squamish, British Colombia! Jack's consistency helped him to edge out the other competitors as he landed trick after trick.

Fellow Best team rider Sam Medysky had won his last 6 Canadian Championship titles before coming to the Kiteclash this year. Sam came out with a bang going huge and aiming to win his first heat when he unfortunately missed a landing on his KGB causing him to catch a major back edge. While Sam is used to being able to take big hits, this one ended up knocking him out for a bit which then he took on some water in his lungs. A combination of some major whiplash, water in the lungs and a badly sprained ankle from boot ejection ended up stopping Sam from making his 7th title this year and opening the door for his competitor Lucas Arsenault to take his first Canadian National Title with young Best rider Jack Rider taking home 2nd place. Luckily Sam is feeling much better and we wish him a speedy recovery!

The weekend was filled with action packed events of downwind slalom and big air competitions with Corrie Coons coming out on top with a whopping 13 meter jump, the highest of everyone including the boys! Best rider Lia Feriancek was able to take home a third place finish in the racing while Jack Rieder continued to clean up in the juniors open and also placing second in the slalom. Everyone had a great time and a big thanks to all of the organization that went into making this event so special! The Squamish Spit is definitely a place to check out!

It was WINDY!! See ya next year Kiteclash!

Photos: Kyle Touhey, Brian Aitkens, Lia Feriancek

Junior Canadian Freestyle:
1. Jack Rieder
2. Liam Karam
3. Sean Karam

Men's Canadian Freestyle:
1. Lucas Arsenault
2. Jack Rieder
3. Daniel Konig

Women's Canadian Freestyle:
1. Kenzie Carlstrom
2. Corrie Coons
3. Kalena Nielson

Women's Slalom Race:
1. Corrie Coons
2. Jennifer Wormald
3. Lia Feriancek

Men's Slalom Race:
1. Andrei Mortila
2. Jack Rieder
3. Lucas Arsenault

Women's Big Air:
1. Corrie Coons
2. Kenzie Carlstrom
3. Justi Voranda

Men's Big Air:
1. Philip Schlonger
2. Peter Martel
3. Lewis Crathern

Junior Open Freestyle:
1. Jack Rieder
2. Tomas Aguirre
3. Vetea Boersma

Men's Open Freestyle:
Wind not sufficient for results

Women's Open Freestyle:
1. Corrie Coons
2. Alex Waterson
3. Rachel Hughes