Kite Prohibition

Life as a kiteboarder is hard. Either there is no wind or no time. Soon there might be no wind, no time and no spot!
Why is that? Currently kiteboarding gets banned from more and more spots all over the world. Even though we are ultra passionate, we must admit that this is sometimes for the better. At some spots bans are needed in order to protect swimmers and wildlife as well as to curb the disturbance of local residents or commercial barge traffic. Some limitations at particularly dangerous spots even protect us from ourselves. Unfortunately though, there are more and more bans at spots that don't really make sense!

Is this where kiteboarding is heading?

One of the worlds most famous kite spots - Sankt Peter Ording (SPO) in Germany, venue of the worlds largest kitesurf woldcup - is endangered by a recently filed request to prohibit kiteboarding at the Wattenmeer. But not only SPO, basically the complete North Sea coast of Germany is affected by this proposal with additional plans being discussed to extend this prohibition to Germanys Baltic Sea coastline as well. The originator, the Nationalpark Administration, pledges to forbid kiteboarding along the coast and only to establish small areas where it is allowed. Windsurfing on the other hand will not be banned - just yet.

If this plan is implemented, this could catch on with other countries following suit. Eventually this could lead to a general prohibition of kiteboarding with only small areas, where kiteboarders need to pay to ride. To stop this horror scenario from ever becoming a reality, we all need to stand together and do two things:

1. Sign this petition against the new law! (It is in German. You need to focus on the section "Mitmachen!" and enter your First Name, Last Name, Email and Zip Code)

2. Behave well at your local beach. Never leave trash, never scare away the wildlife and always share your stoke!

Picture Credit: Feed Thumbnail - CC BY-SA 3.0 by Muns; Skater & Cop: