Launch of KiteBnB!

Have you heard of KiteBnB yet? It's a website which allows global home sharing for kite surfers and we think it's great! Whenever you are planning a kite trip and don't know where to stay or don't really fancy booking into a hotel, this is the new way to go.

Jörg Asthoff and Pascal Kühnhenrich from Germany, both kitesurfers themselves, gave the whole topic of accommodation for kiteboarders some thought and decided to found KiteBnB: Kiteboarders are constantly chasing the wind which leads to a fair amount of traveling. Finding the right place to stay is always a challenge. We've been wondering why there isn't any platform for kitesurfers where they can not only book a place to stay but also meet people sharing the same interest. KiteBnB is the first home sharing platform that serves the global kite surf community. KiteBnB connects kite surfers worldwide and makes it as fast, simple and convenient as never before to rent and rent out an appropriate accommodation.

Guests benefit from the broad international offer, the special features for kite surfers and the feeling of living like a local when they get a warm welcome from their like-minded host. Hosts can list their homes within a few clicks and reach thousands of kite surfers through out the world.

Simply register on the prelaunch website. You will find your personal link that you can share with your friends and the more friends you invite the higher can be your gain! KiteBnB draws free accommodations worth up to 1000 € and a complete 12m kite among all registered users until their start-up campaign runs out on July 15th this year.

The winners will be announced on August 1st and hosts can start listing their space from August 2nd. The booking platform opens on September 1st! Follow KiteBnB on Facebook to stay tuned.