Kick off at Surf Expo

Finally, the Surf Expo begins! We are very proud to present our latest innovations (more info to come) and share the booth with our partner Woo Sports (also more info to come). Check out the first shots directly out of the Best booth!

Some sweet Best longboards will hit the shops soon!

Best accessories

Kevin Wade, Best CEO Sebastian Heitmann, Leo Koenig, Sally Berold

We've got the American Sledgehammer in da booth.

The new device everybody talks about:WOO! You clip it onto your kiteboard and enjoy a session. Back on land you sync it with your smartphone and it gives you the height, airtime and g-force of every jump. The app allows you to compete against your friends or against every other Woo owner in the world! Best Kiteboarding is the exclusive partner of Woo!

The other highly innovative device everybody talks about: The Rocker Flex Adjuster! It fits onto every 2015 Best board and allows you to change the characteristics of your board completely. By simply flipping a switch the negative flex of the board gets reduced, making it much stiffer, and the tips lift up. The result is a completely different board. More info will follow!

Team buddies Sam Medysky, Chris Bobryk and Ruben Lenten enjoy some team reunion time at Surf Expo!