Interview with KiteBnB Founder

Kiteboarders are the better hosts!
We met up with Pascal, Founder of the recently launched accommodation booking and sharing platform, KiteBnB. A place where kiterboarders offer kite-friendly rooms to fellow riders. We asked him a couple of questions.

Q: Pascal, you are fascinated in kite surfing and spend your free time on the water. What made you start thinking about a home sharing platform for kite surfers? Has there been an inspiring moment?
A: Do you want to know what really inspired me? The simple truth is, it ́s all about ice cream. It was a lovely spring afternoon in early April when I sat in front of Roberto ́s ice-cream shop and enjoyed a strawberry ice cream. The sun was shining and I was thinking about the kite surfing season that was just kicking off and where I would go for the first sessions. At the door next to the shop I read a poster saying: "Room for rent!". For the next couple of minutes I was quite confused because I felt that my brain was trying to bring two things together but I couldn’t ́t fix what it was.

Q: You called yourself “Silly Idiot!”. That sounds quite interesting. Can you let us know why?
A: Sure. With the last bit of that strawberry ice-cream it just clicked inside my head and I knew what my brain was trying to tell me: "You silly idiot! Have you ever thought about home sharing for kite surfers?" A second later I was pushing the pedals of my bike like crazy and drove home to search the web for anything similar. But there was nothing. So I called my partner Jörg, who is a good kite surfer, genius engineer and an even better constructor of websites and told him about the idea. Since he is a (German) engineer his reactions to business ideas are let ́s say "emotionally reduced". But this time the answer was "Yes! Let ́s do it." To my surprise the answer was positive and three words longer than I expected. The next day we started building KiteBnB.
Since we are both frequent travelers in the matter of kite surfing we know what it means to find an appropriate accommodation. After surfing the internet for hours on dozens of websites you finally find yourself booking something that doesn't really meet your needs. Whether it is too far away from the spot, too expensive or not suited for kiters at all because you can ́t store your staff or dry your wetsuits. Our worst experience was a landlord who prohibited to come in with sandy feet! We felt that it is time to make things easier and more suitable for kite surfers.  

Q: How does home sharing on KiteBnB work? Do people have to pay for listing a property or for signing up? Is it limited to commercial renters or can anybody share their property on KiteBnB?
A: KiteBnB is a global platform that is based on the home sharing principle. Anybody, no matter if private or professional can rent out his space or rent an accommodation on KiteBnB. You can be host or guest or both depending on your situation. If you are e. g. a resident of Rarotonga/Cook Islands (Yes, you will find that on KiteBnB!) you might be focused on hosting. And if that guy wants to visit his friends in LA for an urban kite experience he can book an accommodation on KiteBnB and becomes a guest. People are free to use KiteBnB however their need is. Signing up on KiteBnB and being part of the global kite surf community is for free. KiteBnB is a provision based business model. Hosts and guests are charged with service fees when a booking is completed. The advantage is that host and guests just have to pay when the service has been provided.

You want to go for a trip soon or earn some money from your wind beaten house? Make sure to check out KiteBnB!