Interview with Elliot Bradshaw

Elliot Bradshaw is one of our talented team riders, we wanted to know a little bit more about our Australian guy. So we asked him a couple of questions...

Q: Hey Elliot, how do you feel today? Any planned session?
A: G’day, I’m feeling good. I had a crazy session this afternoon. We had a cross off sea breeze that was super gusty with awesome kickers, then a wild storm came through and knocked me around a bit. It was fun tho, I landed a new trick so I was super happy.

Q: You are from Yeppoon, a small town in central Queensland, right? What is it like? Do you recommend your home town to the kitesurf community?
A: Yeppoon has possibly the best flatwater spot in Australia! Flatwater as far as you can see, with wind almost every day in summer, not strong but 20knots is the norm. We have about 15 people at my local stretched over 20km of coast so crowds, there is none. Lately I’ve stepped away from freestyle and moved out into the surf and kickers along the beaches. God I love this place!

Q: We loved and posted your cover shoot for Freedom Kitesurfing Magazine on our Instagram account. Can you tell us some interesting details about this shooting?
A: This was an awesome afternoon, everything just came together! I met a guy a month before hand up north, and he is an amazing photographer. He was on his way down the coast and stopped in for the day. Tide was right, wind was 20knots. There were only 3 people out in the flats, me, my friend mark and the photographer Matt Stevens. The sun was setting, so we pulled out the rail off the top of my ute and scored a sunset rail session.

Q: Do you practice any other sports, other than kitesurf?
A: Sure do! I do just about everything you can think of, from rock climbing to skating, from fishing to surfing. I don’t mind kicking back in front of the PS4 and playing some call of duty ether.

Q: Kitesurfing can be tough sometimes; we’ve all already experienced some hard landings. Can you talk about your biggest crash?
A: I've had a few big crashes, but the one that comes to mind was a front blind mobe. I crashed hard and popped my shoulder out of place and that tore my labrum. I regret that now because I was really tired and sore that day and I was just about to pack up when I said to myself “just one more". I'll never say those words ever again

Q: Could you tell us a good story from your last trip?
A: My last trip was at the “Australian kite surfari” where I met the photographer, an amazing place in far North Queensland. It has the most consistent trade winds in Australia, pure white sand and crystal clear water. And when the wind wasn't blowing we would go out fishing or cruse around on the kite buggys. It's built on Aboriginal land, so you need permission to enter. So the only crowds are you and your friends. Definitely a place worth visiting. Didn't see any crocodiles either so that was a bonus.

Q: What are your goals for this 2016 year?
A: I definitely want to get into the photography side of kiteboarding. Build more rails, Improve my riding, more travel!

OK!! Now we want you to respond the quickest you can to this series of questions…Ready – Let’s Go!

One word to describe yourself? Extreme

Winter or summer? Definitely summer

Facebook or Twitter? Instagram elliot.b.kite

Best tricks? Always love a decent back mobe

You are very proud of? My 2 year old daughter. She is just as crazy as her dad

Your kitesurf heroes? Eric Riensta and Andre Philip. Those guys have so much style

Last craziest party? Australia Day this week was hectic. Listening to the triple J hottest 100 countdown, and 30 meter make shift slip and slide drinking game race. I've been sore all week.

Last word to close the interview? Thank you to my wife for putting up with me every day.