Insider PKRA news

Many of you - especially those who were following the PKRA world tour - are wondering what is going on in the girls freestyle event. Here is what happened:

Gisela Pulido needs to win both of the last two tour stops over Karolina in order to win her 10th title. This week the first of those stops came to an end with no conclusive winner. After a hotly discussed final and an even more controversial super final, Gisela was claimed as winner of the Pingtan event. Karolina then gave notice that one trick wasn't recognized by the judges. It was decided to do a rerun the next day.

Unfortunately Gisela sliced open her foot on a piece of metal and needed to get stitches and was not able to compete. The rerun was then postponed until the next event which would take place in Hainan, a decision which was not favourable but was the only option to ensure fairness to both riders. Even though Gisela is still in pain, she can ride. We wish her all the best and hope for some fair judging.

Interview with Gisela about the rerun: