We often get shout outs from our Best enthusiasts around the world. We love to hear about the stoke that we all share and passion for the wind. Here is a nice story that touched us that we wanted to share. Be thankful and enjoy every moment of life sharing happiness to those around you.

Dear Best Kiteboarding,

A few months back I saw a photo of a couple of “Best Ink Tattoo’s” on your facebook page. It has taken me some time to write this letter & share my personal Best Ink due to its nature. Last year I lost my incredibly amazing girlfriend & the raddest kite chick ever to a tragic car accident.

The two+ years prior to that horrible day, Kristine Lee Davidson and I enjoyed 3 amazing seasons kiting in the small town of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, using solely Best Gear.

I had been into kiting before I met Kristine & had a full quiver of Best gear (Waroo’s, Nemesis & of course a 2011 Taboo that I purchased from Sam Medysky himself). When Kristine & I met she instantly took to the sport and picked it up faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.

As soon as she was up and riding she was calling it her first love (not sure where that bumped me to). Kristine was hooked, she worked two jobs serving while putting herself through school, often stopping at the beach for 1-hour sessions in between shifts. It was safe to say she was a wind junkie!

I do not want this letter to be taken as a sad story, instead I hope it reaches Best as a shout out and a HUGE THANK YOU for providing us with the BEST 3 years of our lives!

I still have Kristine’s 2008 11m Best Waroo today and take it out to ride every chance I get. Her spirit lives on with the kite. Thank you for sharing my story.

Chad Ferguson