Grand Opening in San Francisco

Best Kiteboarding and Mafia Bags have found the perfect compliment to each other’s businesses by joining forces to open up a retail showroom / workroom located at 1122 Howard St. in the Soma District of San Francisco.

As we already have our North American HQ at this same location, now you will find the latest Best Kiteboarding equipment on display as well as hand crafted backpacks and bags made out of upcycled kites, windsurf sails and spinnakers by Mafia Bags.

This joint retail space will be promoted as a hub for action sports enthusiasts that would like to join our lifestyle. On Dec. 10, we had the grand opening with an amazing turnout of supporters. We would like to thank each and every one of you that joined us for a fun night of great food, drinks and music.

Stay tuned for several more events as we build our community of wind lovers to come ride with us!