Gijs jumps the highest with his Best TS

Congratulations Gijs Wassenaar!

Dutch kiteboarder Gijs dethroned former WOO champ Aaron Hadlow by jumping incredible 19,1 meter with his 7 m Best TS yesterday.
Gijs, who apparently shares the same wicked and adrenalin infused blood as big air legend and fellow country man Ruben Lenten, is well known for his ability to pull crazy mega loops in fierce storms. This also ensured a seat in the upcoming Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2015. Yesterday he competed (and won) at the contest "The Spot" in Zandvoort at 35+ knots. Gijs has been riding Best for 2 years now, usually preferring the GP for mega looping. But yesterday it was all about height so he picked the TS. When the perfect kicker appeared, he went for it and flew higher than everybody else!

Photo credits go to Reinout Smit!