French Nationals Wrap Up

Val Garat just got back from an intensive training in Greece and successfully competed at the French nationals. Read his little wrap-up and follow up what's been going on!

I'm just back home from 1.5 month in Greece, and it’s already time to head to the north of France, to Dunkerque where the French nationals take place. Just enough time to take my winter wet suits and some winter clothes.. Temperature there is just about 15 degrees. Monday was the first day of competition, with side off shore wind, about 30-35 knots, really gusty and choppy. Really challenging conditions after riding in a perfect spot for the last month.

I made it to the final, and I lost against my friend Antoine Fermon. So I ended up 2nd in the single elimination. The day after conditions were the same, so they ran the doubles. I was waiting the all day for my heat and finally came up against my friend Paul Serin. It was a really tough heat, and the decision of the judges went in his favor. Two of the judges gave him one point more than me , so I fell at the 3rd place at this french Championship.

I am a little sad about the result, but still happy to be back at the competition and be able to do some decent tricks in such challenging conditions, only one year after my surgery. Definitely stoked that all the effort I put into my rehab paid off! Now it's time to train at home before the next Qualifiers in Germany!