Best Florida Demo Day

The demo was hosted in Delray Beach, Florida, this past Saturday.

Excited kiters arrived from all over Florida anxious to try the 2015 Best line up and WooSports device. The wind started out light and offshore however the turnout was huge with optimistic kiter’s patiently waiting to take on the wind. Riders with an array of different brands of gear were intrigued to learn about and experience what the Best Kiteboarding line has to offer. As the wind filled in; riders swarmed the Best Kiteboarding tent creating a line of men and women waiting for their turn to try the equipment.

East North East conditions (side onshore) made it necessary for larger size kites such as 12, 15, and 17 meter TS’, 11m cabo, 13m GP, and 11.5 kahoona. The wind stirred up waist to chest high waves, so surf boards became the most fun to ride. The Session Pro and Shifty Pro were put to the test as the entire beach got in line to try the new surf boards. Impressive maneuvers were performed by the locals, cracking lips front side and back side, dumping buckets! The session and shifty pro were the crowd favorites at this particular spot!

As the wind filled in stronger, kiters began to throw tricks and boost. Interest peaked with the emergence of the Woo device on Delray Beach. The Woo device connects wirelessly with your iphone to determine details of your session. Details such as each jump’s height, airtime, the total number of jumps and Maximum height. The Woo also includes an app which allows you to participate in the global feed.

You can add a session and explore other riders around the world boosting at their favorite spots. The Woo was utilized at the demo in a friendly, big air contest-style format. Each rider participated in 10 minute heats with the woo attached to the 2015 Best Admiral kiteboard.

In the end, Bret Sullivan won with the highest jump on his 17m TS at 16.4 ft, with an air time of 3.9 seconds! It was incredible to experience this new technology, which many riders will enjoy. The Best demo was a huge success, thank you to everyone who participated.

For more information about the Woo and how to get your hands on this amazing new technology visit !