The Best team battling for podium in Leucate

1st May: Neto beats Youri and comes in fourth. Gisela lost against Karolina Winkowska.

The heats of the final day of the PKRA world tour stop in Leucate started with a nail biter: Youri Zoon was up against his fellow team mate Alex Neto. In the end Alex was able to beat Youri by landing strong tricks like the Blind Judge 5. Alex also won against Reno Romeu. Only Marc Jacobs was able to stop Neto, who then ended up fourth.
Gisela, who won the Single Elimination, had to go up against Karolina Winkowska twice. Unfortunately she lost by only 3.35 points and therefore ended up second.


30th April: Val beats David Colomer and Youri wins against Robinson Hilario.

The second day of the double elimination was a good day for the Best pros. Youri had two heats which he both won. Tomorrow he has to compete against his fellow team mate Alex Neto, who won against Val today. We are already excited about the finals tomorrow and wish all the best to Youri and Alex!


29th April: Youri wins his heat against Bebe.

Youri, who hurt his leg in the first heat of the single elimination only two days ago, had a strong start going into the first heat of the double elimination. He didn't show any signs of injury.

Mike Schitzhofer lost against David Colomer.

Val Garat had a great heat and won his first heat of the doubles against Oswald Smith.


28th April: Gisela wins the single elimination

Gisela did it once again and put up a big show. She won the single elimination of the women's with her master technique.


The Best Pros had a crazy first day (April 27th) of heats at the PKRA stop in Leucate.

Yesterday (April 27th), on the second day of the PKRA Stop Mondival du Vent, the wind was on fire. With gusts over 40 knots, the riders had to deal with harsh conditions. The first round of single elimination was held.

Mike Schitzhofer had his first heat against Jerry von de Kop and won, riding overpowered on his 6 m TS. In the next heat Best team mates Val Garat and Youri Zoon had to go against each other. Youri, going big as always, unfortunately hurt his knee and had to stop - leaving Val as the winner.
Youri was examined right after the heat. Being quite lucky under the circumstances, it was only a compression. Today, he is already feeling better and even hoping to be able to participate in the doubles.
We are stoked for the next heats and wish all the best to the Best riders.

Youri going big right before his injury.

Val being the fair and good sportsman he is, looking after his injured team buddy, Youri.

Mike winning with pulling tricks with his TS & Pro-Creator setup.