Fight the Stench

Kiters are easy to recognize: They have an amazing Adonis-like physique (sometimes), they have the spark of pure contentment flickering in their eyes (at least when it is windy) and lastly, their cars smell.

Old ladies have often been seen changing the side of the street on their thin, shaky legs, just to avoid the stench coming out of a parked kiteboarder´s car. In the rare cases that friends, family members or the partner have been brave enough to hop onto the passenger seat, they mostly referred to the smell as rotten pasta with too much cheese.

Kiters in front of their filthy, smelly car

Of course there is moldy kite-break-pasta lost in the depths of the car, but it does merely add to the bouquet of fragrances. The trained nose of an experienced kiter can break down the different traces of scent immediately. For one there are hints of old damp clothing from the many times you chose to ride home in your wetsuit instead of changing in the cold wind. For others there is the "towel" you used for at least 107 sessions (and counting). The thin layer of salt crust covering the inside of your car adds a fishy sea breeze note, while the dirt and sand covered floor unfolds different earthy and beachy essences. The most defining smell though is wet wetsuit. The seats soaked up the wetness and unmistakable scent of neoprene that met with cushioning of a car seat and never really dried.

At first this smell will remind you of the many good sessions that you had and everything is fine. But the day will come - a hot summer day - where you get in your car and start choking. Actions need to be taken!

1. Search for that pasta. It is in there somewhere and it needs to go.

2. Get rid of the sand and dirt.

3. Take that rag you used to call "towel" and burn it. Thanks, you made the world a slightly better place!

4. Fight the remaining stench with the coolest Air Freshener there is!

Approximately one hour after you launched these little TS kites in your car, the air will smell like cinnamon and apple. The days of foul pasta and damp wetsuits are over. No grandma will get run over trying to avoid your car, your passengers will stop throwing up onto your backseat and your life will suddenly change to the better. The little kite next to you will remind you of the sessions you had, better than any smell ever could.

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