Learn how to crash safely with Chris Bobryk

Everyone has crashed before - it's nothing to be ashamed off, without crashing you won't learn and progress your riding skills. And, admittedly, it's quite fun watching your buddy crash, right? As long as no one gets hurt. To help you and everyone to crash a little safer and get that new trick down quicker, follow up what Chris Bobryk has to say!

If your kite’s not wet you’re not trying hard enough…!
Crashing is a crucial part of progression, so it is important to know how to do it properly. Confidence and commitment are the key when landing tricks. If you end up crashing here are some tips to keep you out of the hospital and out on the water.

- Try flicking your kite up high if you know you're going to fall to try and slow you down. Sometimes it is better to land on your bum rather than your feet.
- When riding boots and you're catching heel edge, point your toes out to avoid becoming an anchor.
- Just relax, being tense can create an unnecessary injury.
Get out there and Ride hard and crash smart!

Chris' buddy and fellow Best rider Bret Sullivan also has a couple of tips on what to do before the impact:
One of the key factors is to exhale before impact, which serves two purposes
- by exhaling you increase abdominal pressure, which forces organs up into the rib cage area for added protection during impact
- exhaling also causes a relaxation of the diaphragm, reducing pressure in the lungs.

Rapid exhalation causes a contraction of the abdominal muscles which help protect the diaphragm from spasming, also known as “getting the wind knocked out of you.” Practicing this technique will allow for safer sessions with a reduced risk of injury!

Now that you've learned some tricks to stay safe while crashing, there is only one thing left to do: GO OUT THERE AND CHARGE AS HARD AS POSSIBLE!
In case you capture some crashes on video or photo, submit them on Facebook or Instagram to our #BestCrashTest challenge in order to win a brand new kite!