Canadian Champion x 4

In the summer of 1998 at the age of 8 I was introduced to the sport of kiteboarding. My father Daniel Medysky bought a Wipika classic 8.5m and a couple of smaller Concept Air traction kites. We both took our fair share of beatings while learning how to kiteboard but we were hooked from the start. As our kiteboarding progressed into the early 2000’s I began to take a liking to the freestyle aspect of the sport and progressed very quickly. In 2003 my Dad took me to the Velocity Games Us open in Corpus Chrisi, Texas. This was one of the first events to hold a junior division (16 and under) With surprise to both my father, family and I. I won the event.

After this I was hooked on the sport and the competitive side of things. I soon after I quit playing organized Hockey, Baseball and began to ride as much as possible. Following the PKRA world tour, reading every magazine and, buying all the movies soon became an everyday activity.   In August of 2005 there was the first ever Canadian Nationals (Rendez-Vous Adventure) in Magdalen island on the East coast of Canada. The top 2 finalists would receive a spot in the main event of the PKRA world tour stop that was the following week also in Magdalen.

I spent my summer training at home in Sauble beach with some of the top riders in Ontario before heading out to the East coast for the first ever nationals. That training paid off and at 15 years old I won my first ever National title. I then received a wildcard to compete in the PKRA the following week. At 15 I was a couple years younger than most of the riders on the tour and didn’t have near the competition experience. I didn’t do as well as I hoped but I was so excited to have had the chance to compete with all the rider that I looked up to.

The following summer of 2006 the same two events were to happen in Magdalen Island. I was a year older and now had a drivers license so I was able to spend even more time at the beach. This year I went to the event with my father, Peter Stewart and his son and my good friend/riding partner Hayden Stewart. We had a spent the months before the event riding together nearly every windy day at home in Sauble Beach.

Going to the event I was most scared and also excited to compete against my good friend Hayden. I new what he was capable of and he know what I was capable of. With the competition experience under my belt I managed to surpass Hayden and take home my second National title at 16 years old.

After the first two years of nationals there was a break for a couple years and nationals then shifted to the West coast to a spot called Squamish. A small town just off of the Sea to Sky Highway on your way from Vancouver to Whistler. Squamish with it’s outdoors enthusiast and strong wind sports community hosted the 2008 Canadian Nationals. This year the event wasn’t focused on the freestyle aspect of kiteboarding but the racing aspect.

I hadn’t had a ton of experience in racing because I was always so focused on the next new trick I was learning. I went to the event regardless with the support of Canadian board shaper Lee Britain (Rogue Wave) Lee had built me a board that was quick up wind and had similar lines to a windsurfing racing board. I flew out to the West Coast a few days before the event just so I could spend a few hours on my new board before the event started. With luck on my side, my new board and the support from my family and sponsors I claimed my third national title at the age of 18.

The spring of 2008 I graduated high school and it was my goal to take my riding to the next level. Without hesitation I booked a flight to Brazil with my good friend David Drinkwater. We spend over 4 month in Taiba Brazil that year and both of our riding improved a ton. Following this trip to Brazil I won a wildcard spot into the Real watersports Triple S invitational contest and left my sponsor Naish to move to my current sponsor Best kiteboarding. For several years there wasn’t a Canadian national for freestyle only in racing which I’d lost interest in.

I spend from the year 2008-2013 traveling competing internationally at events like the Redbull Ragnork, Redbull King of the Air and the Kite Tour Asia. While on the road I was more involved in the media side of the kiteboarding world producing movies of both action and travel. Along with working with Photographers for magazine content.

In 2013 I was happy to hear that someone had stepped up to the plate to run a freestyle Canadian nationals. “Kite Clash” the Canadian Nationals was to set sail the first week of August in Squamish, British Columbia. I knew I’d be competing and new that this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. 3 weeks prior to the event I head to the UK the meet up with Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Crathern to spend some time on the water riding and road tripping to the PKRA Germany to get some practice in under my belt before the event. Unfortunately in the 3 week I was in Europe/UK there wasn’t a ton of wind so I didn’t get to spend much time on the water at all but it helped get my head in the right place.

I flew out to Squamish 4 days before the event to get some riding in on the water. Riders flew from around the country and even some riders joined from the States to participate in the 2013 Kite Clash Canadian Nationals. The event format was 4 man heats with 2 riders advancing from each heat. I managed to make it to the finals where I came up against some good friends and solid riders Brandon, Matt and Rich. My finals heat one of my personal worst of the event with little energy left and the cold waters of Squamish setting in. I did my best for what the conditions offered and managed to claim my fourth Canadian National title beating Brandon with a score of 7.87.