British Championships with Oli Sweeney and Lewis Crathern

We are very happy to congratulate our team riders Oli Sweeney and Lewis Crathern for taking 2nd and 4th respectively in the Men’s Pro’s at the first round of the British tour in Lancing last week.

Photo credit: Eunice Bergin

Conditions varied from a classic South Coast sea breeze on the Saturday 20 knots, and a stormy 30 knot Sunday.
Oli Sweeney about Day 1:
"My first heat was in beautiful sunshine which I came 1st in.. The wind slowly started to drop off and by the time my 2nd heat came around it had dropped to much meaning we would carry the competition on the following day in the morning."

Lewis Crathern on his results and competing in general:
“It was great to be back on the tour again and be involved with the event. I like being able to switch back to the GP kite to tune into unhooking and freestyle when I’m not riding big air."

Photo credit: Eunice Bergin

According to Oli, Day 2 was quite the opposite of Day 1.
"Rain,strong wind, choppy conditions. But I didn't mind as it was all pretty normal for me with my local spot being just 5 minutes up the coast! My 2nd heat was against my team mate Lewis Crathern. We where both on are 9m GP's. I played it safe landing my easy stuff and went on to win that heat. The final came and once again I played it safe as you didn't want to drop your kite in the shoredump! One of my highest scoring tricks sadly didn't count in the final as I didn't hook back in before turning around and letting go of my bar! Frustrating to say the least but world tour rules... I know for next time now! ;)"

Photo credit: Kite Pix

Oli is showing he is a real contender for the tour this year, whilst Lewis enjoyed competing on the tour for the first time in 7 years.
Local Best rider Kev Maguire finished 2nd in the Masters category. Flying the Best TS kites Kev showed his class in the 4 man final which ran at high tide on the Sunday.

Photo credit: Eunice Bergin

Congratulations, guys, we can't wait for the next stop!