Bridge of the Gods 2016

It was a windy weekend out in Stevenson, OR for the 2016 Bridge Of the Gods this year with a stacked line up of every one coming to show their skills. The Pros came out to put on a show on Friday in both freestyle and strapless divisions. Best team riders Sam Medysky and James Ropner competed, unfortunately not able to take podiums but Sam managed to take home the Stoke award because that is just what he is....STOKED! Sam did manage to get 2nd in the big Blowout 19 mile downwinder on Sunday out of over 70 riders, well done Sam!

Sam is STOKED!

Saturday brought out the amatuers with divisions for everyone to compete in. In the Women's Masters division, Carol Bolstad who has helped run this event for several years with her family, was able to take home first place at her home turf! Darcie Gray also made her attempts in the women's amatuer taking home 5th place!

Congratulations Carol, always the Best!

What a cool pic Darcie!

DJ Guacamole is always down to put on a show. It was a close heat between him and Nemo Taylor, in the end he was able to take home 2nd place for the Men's Masters division! Check out this video of his back roll Mega Loop, Grom and the crowd went nuts!

For the big show down of the Men's Amatuer division, we were excited to see how our new team rider Jack Rider would stack up against the guys. The level of riding is getting so good for these groms, it is so exciting! Jack has just been riding for almost 2 years now coming from Squamish, BC where Sam Medysky has taken him under his wing. Jack was able to pull off an amazing performance wowing the judges and took home his first win on one of the biggest amatuer platforms in the country! A big congratulations to Jack Rider, welcome to the team!

Be on the look out for Jack at his next comp coming up, the Canadian nationals Kite Clash!

Photos: Jim Stringfellow , video: Mathew Rowley Wuntee

Results from Friday's Pro Event are:
Men Freestyle:
1. Oswald Smith
2. Ewan Jaspan
3. Brandon Scheid
4. John Perry
5. Rocky Chatwell
6. Drew Christianson

Women Freestyle:
1. Karolina YO Winkowska
2. Katie Potter
3. Lindsay McClure
4. Colleen Jo Carroll
5. Rachel Callahan

Men Strapless:
1. Reider Decker
2. Matt Elsasser
3. Evan Netsch
4. Reece Myerscough
5. Graham Harney

Women Strapless:
1. Cynthia Cynbad Brown

Stoke Award:
Sam Medysky

Wipeout Award:
Katie Potter

Saturday's AMATUERS:

1. Jack Rider
2. Vetea Boersma
3. Brian Frink
4. Grant Harmon

1. Kenzie Carlstrom
2. Isabel Von Zastrow
3. Crystal Veness
4. Savannah Boersma
5. Darcie Gray

1. Nemo Taylor
2. Guacamole DeeJay
3. Aleen Beeler
4. Serge Romano

Women Masters:
1. Carol Bolstad
2. Nina Ergin
3. Machelle Dotson

1. Tomas Aguirre
2. JonMichael Harmon
3. Sean Karam

Mini Groms:
1. Izak Kantor
2. Tim Walsh
3. Kenton Romano

The Future Award given to help a rider pursue his or her kiteboarding goals: Makiley Olson
The Finding Nemo Award: Nemo Taylor
The Sportsmen Award: Serge Romano
The Stoke Award: Machelle Dotson
The Wipeout award: Andrew Muse

Blowout Results:
1. Evan Netsch
2. Sam Medysky
3. Eric Rienstra
4. Matt Elsasser
5. Unregistered racer
6. Mac Skagss
7. Grom
8. Reece Myerscough
9. Jacob Beuselinck
10. Corey Roeseler
11. James Ropner
12. Rich Sabo
13. Graham Harney
14. Pepi Gerald
15. Tony Bolstad
16. Kit Griffiths
17. Scott Edger
18. Brian Dennis
19. Sean Rogers
20. Eric Reimer
21. Brendan Kerr
22. Kramer
23. Brodie Sutherland
24. Mark Barners
25. Rex Mccourt
26. Rachel Callahan (first women)
27. Justi Vonada (second women)
28. Tonia Farman (third women)
29. Mike Billets (pony tail award)
30. Darren Lee
31. Kirstan Schmidt
32. Erik Thor Jensen
33. Alex Bloechinger
34. Scott Woolums
35. Kenzie Carlstrom
36. Justin Menasco
37. Jessie Richman
38. Brian Frink
39. Braden Andersen
40. Taylor Carr
41. Will Burnside
42. Machelle Dotson
43. Dustin Rowe
44. Matt Wheeler
45. Steve Pearson
46. Amy Huner-Dillinger
47. Allen Beeler
48. William Payne
49. Guacomole
50. Levi Roeseler
51. Jim Krippaehue
52. Jermey Brandt
53. Fuat Kececi
54. Carol Bolstad
55. Sam Duguay
56. James Freeborn
57. Dave Maddock
58. Jeff Bigler
59. Jim Stringfellow
60. Andy O’Brien
61. Unregistered Racer
62. Javies Mercado
63. Sarah White
64. Bart Destephano
65. Gary Parseghian
66. Milo Macaraig
67. Nina Ergin
68. Mathew Rowley
69. Sung Beyun