Bratwurst, Beer and Wind

Most people think that Germany is all about beer, being on time and speeding on the Autobahn. Well, while that is certainly true, people forget that Germany has not one but two seas. And the Germans like to use them!

That´s how German kiters celebrate their birthdays

The beaches are rough and the weather is harsh. That doesn´t stop the Germans from kiting. They have the biggest kite community of the world. Each weekend thousands of wind-enthusiasts pilgrim to the Northern or Baltic sea with their VW Bullies. At nightfall the wind carries the billows of smoke of hundreds of BBQs.

In between sessions

Germans are very particular kiters. They love to over-equip themselves (impact vests, helmets, gloves, sun glasses, board leashes, a selection of line-cutting knifes and everything else one can attach to a harness), they love measuring the wind and they love talking about choosing the right kite size. Furthermore, they are all about finding the perfect kite. And that is why they test! At this time of the year, each weekend there are Demo events and Testivals, where the local team riders come together, party, kite and have other people test the gear. Of course there is also plenty of beer and a never ending supply in Bratwurst (grilled sausages).

A typical German Testival

Germany doesn´t have pretty tropical beaches, the wind is cold and there are at least as many rainy days as there are sunny ones but the community makes up for that! If you are planning your next trip, consider Sankt Peter Ording, Fehmarn or Rügen. These spots need to be ticked on your places-to-kite list! Check out the upcoming demo events here!

Valentin Bontus looping his GP

There are even waves to make good use of the Cabo

The German Best Team!