The right board for every wave

For every wave there is the optimal choice of board. With the right whip under your feet, a surfer can experience an epic session which can feel magical. We designed special waveboards to deliver this exact feeling for you. Each board comes to live by the hands of an experienced shaper. Being handmade ensures the unique quality of our boards.

Smaller waves:

Does your homespot deliver knee to waist high waves? You'll want to choose the Stubby Pro (EU market) or the Shifty Pro (US market). These boards are super tough, deliver an outstanding speed and will always make for a fun session.

Large waves:

So, are you one of the blessed ones who has a spot that always delivers waves above shoulder high? We are stoked for you. What you should be amped about - besides having those waves - is the board's which we can offer you. The Session Pro (US market) and the Smack Pro (EU market) are shaped to work in huge barrels. Be sure, we tested them to their PU foam core in the scariest conditions mother earth was able to come up with.

The one for the strapless pros:

Besides the fact, that straps interfere with the awesome feeling of being free on your board, a true ripper does not have any use for them anyway. If you are that kind of ripper, you should have a look at the Sting Pro (EU market) - a board made for true wave pros. It lets you tackle the larger surf and will be your best friend deep inside the barrels.

Are you are still not sure which board you should hit the waves with at your homespot, or unsure of your favourite travel destination? We are more than happy to talk to you and offer our opinion. Scroll right to the end of this page to find our contact info. We look forward to hearing from you!