Deal of the Month

Spring has started, the water is getting warmer and the wind has been strong for the last weeks! It is time to gear up to get the max out of this season! Here´s what you need!

There are two new packages waiting for you. Choose regarding your needs and skills! The best thing about those packages: Purchase a brand new TS or Roca with our latest Red bar and you will receive the fitting board, for free!*
Freestyle Package: TS V5 + Red Bar + Armada V6 = Save $699
Freeride Package: Roca V1 + Red Bar + Spark V3 = Save $599

The Freestyle package:
The TS is our most versatile kite. It enables you to freeride, surf waves and most remarkably, the TS will let you throw down some massive freestyle tricks. This kite is made to be looped, to be ridden unhooked and to shoot you into the sky.
The Red bar is state of the art quality work. It was designed in Germany and tested in Portugal, Brazil and Cape Town. It carries industry leading technologies such as the Original Iron Heart IV Quick Release. The lines are ridiculously strong and the grip is amazingly comfortable enabling you to ride for hours.
This package includes a Armada V6, which you will get for free! The Armada is an incredible freestyle stick! It has all the pop you need while being gentle to your knees. It comes with pads and straps but the board won`t mind if you equip it with boots!

The Freeride package:
The Roca is crazily strong while being gentle in handling. It is perfected for freeriding and all sorts of oldschool and hooked-in tricks. Its three struts and swept wing tips provide an incredible depower and relaunch while the mid to high aspect ratio guarantees a remarkable lift and hangtime for huge boosts.
This package also includes the above described Red bar.
The Spark V3 is a versatile freeride stick. It is fairly soft which allows you to ride in choppy conditions while the bottom design is made to go upwind easily. This board is super light while being durable. It is the perfect travel companion. It comes with pads and straps!

* These packages are only available with participating Best dealers. Please visit your local Best shop for more information or write us a message on Facebook!