Black Friday 2017

Everything is set for a crazy Black Friday sale on Best kites, bars, boards and accessories: 25 % discount in addition to existing offers! If you're a real kiteboarder there's just no excuse left… Use promo code "BLACK FRIDAY" when you check out and you will always get another 25 % discount on top of the price as shown first!

You know our incredible pricing with up to 45 % discount on special offers? Well, now you get another 25 % discount on top. Remember this is an exceptional Black Friday occasion! It's gonna be over after Cyber Monday next week. And you will only get the additional 25 % Black Friday discount on your Best kite order if you enter our promo code "BLACK FRIDAY" when you check out! So be quick as hell to grab one of our insane offers on our dedicated Black Friday page. You won't believe your eyes when realizing that quality kites don't have to cost a fortune, especially not on a Black Friday weekend.

Anyways, all our offers are eligible for the extra discount! You can check out any of Best's crazily discounted kite packages complete with a bar or two sizes – be a Best TS bundle or a Best Roca bundle – or if your just looking for a great deal on kites, kite boards, bars, harnesses, bags and other kite luggage pieces, water wear or other accessories. Pick and grab it before it's too late and apply the promo code during check-out.

Don't miss out – you won't see any better offer any time soon, that's for sure. Ride with us!