Best's Big Air Warriors - Billy Parker

Billy Parker is a seasoned King of the Air competitor who scores not only with his experience but also with his physical fitness and his fearless, powerful way of boosting the most technical air tricks. He just recently joined Best and talked with us about his gear setup.

What's your setup for the event?
Kite: Best TS
Bar: Extract 42 cm Bar
Line Length: 20m heavy duty
Board: Billy 139 Axis Kiteboard
Straps / Boots: I might use both

Why is that the perfect setup?
The small 42 bar helps preventing miss-steering the kite while the shortness of the lines gives me the ability for powerful direct manouvers. I hope to ride my 8 meter or smaller.

What does your mum say about you competing in that event?
Just come back in one piece, please.

Any last words?
Go big or go home!

Check out this video from 2007- Billy already knew how to go big!