Winners of Best Moments 2018

The #ridebest2018 competition Best Moments is over and it's been almost impossible to pick the right winners. Although there were so many participants who would have deserved to take the win we had to take the decision. Find all the winners with their posts below and give them your like if you like. We are proud to know all you guys riding with us!

Many thanks to all the Best riders participating in our Best Moments competition to win the new TS V7, the board bag or the harness. Somehow all of you have been winners last month though as a lot of fellows were seeing your picture and sharing your stoke. We feel blessed to witness the strong community around Best Kiteboarding. We also enjoyed very much to see all you guys riding so strong, having so much fun with the sport we all love most. Your participation means a lot to us.

Eventually we had to take a decision on the winners of our three valuable prices and so we did. Therefor we were looking at the following criteria:

– Post features tags @bestkiteboarding plus the profile of your kite buddy as well as the campaign's hashtag #ridebest2018
– Best product visible
– Remarkable perspective, setting or trick
– No crash, no crap, no missed grab
– No professional photo shoot results

There have been plenty of posts matching our criteria. We found some candidates who were especially deserving our attention and hence took P1–3. Our second place is a shared one though because we didn't know who in the picture/video would deserve the prize more than the other. So these two guys will now spend their life together sharing one board bag forever.

Take a look at the winners now, give them a like and follow their profiles if you feel like.

3rd Prize

A strong 3rd prize goes to Pol Gelpí Cornudella alias @polero_hielopino

Congrats to your new Free Harness of a value of $109, we got your back ;-)

2nd Prize

Shared 2nd prize goes to Nick alias @nikolai.himself together with Jerome Loman alias @jeromeloman

Congrats to your new Twintip Travel Bag with wheels with a value of $119, there's enough space for the gear of both of you, don't fight about it ;-)

1st Prize

1st prize goes to Alexandre Erhat alias @alex_erhat

Your picture shows not only all the necessary tags and pieces but also features un unusual perspective, shows the landscape in frame and one marvellous grab on top. It also features interesting backlight turning you and your trick into one artsy silhouette while enlightening your TS kite to put our Best fish on stage as nicely as it gets. Although the resolution isn't the greatest it's the theme that makes the picture. We're proud to have you riding with us!

So congrats to your brand new 2018 TS V.7 10 m! Do it all!

Winners will be contacted via Instagram message.

We thank all of the participants for their over 200 posts to the contest. We are so stoked and we know that many of you would have deserved to be one of the winners. That's why we would like to showcase some of the other great pictures below and some of them could have been the winners but didn't fully feature all the necessary tags to win. However, we hope you also don't mind if yours isn't featured here as we could go on and on. If you would like to see all of the pictures of the competition just check #ridebest on your Instagram.

Thank you!

Thank you for riding with us

Keep sharing your pics and videos on Instagram using @bestkiteboarding #ridebest2018 this year. We will feature the best shots every once in a while. Safe travels everybody!

Don't forget to check our latest gear offers online so you don't miss out! See you on the water…