Best Moments Coming Together

Overwhelmed by all the beautiful shots Best riders shared so far, it's about time to showcase some of the most promising Instagram posts. This is not a pre-selection of the final winners though. The competition is still on until end of June; winners will be picked from all entries by then. Check the crackers below for a first impression.

Many thanks to all the Best riders throwing their hat in the ring until today. We are so impressed by the quality and variety of posts you were entering. There's no bigger passion than a Best rider's stoke, that's for sure. Enjoy the examples below – thank you for riding with us!

For those who aren't familiar with our ongoing comp yet: Check the original article with terms and conditions here!

Now lean back and enjoy…

Many more posts and images rightfully could have been featured here and we're not done yet. Don't wait any longer and check #ridebest2018 on Instagram for more. Winners won't be selected before the end of the competition the last day of June. So keep posting and ride with us!