Instruct With Us

Article written by Best Kiteboarding Australia

Are you looking to become a kiteboarding instructor yourself? Maybe you’d like to teach your mates, or you might already be a kite instructor, who understands that a great instructor is ALWAYS learning.

This summer, we’re inviting you to Instruct With Us. We visited kite schools around the country to find Australia’s Best kiteboarding instructors; the guys with years of experience, the biggest kite schools and thousands of hours logged in the water; then asked them to share their biggest instructing secrets! Try these kiteboarding instruction tips for yourself, share them around your kite school, or pass them on at the beach.

“When a student holds fear in their mind, they cannot learn. Muscles tense up, sensitivity on the bar disappears; and worst of all – they do the ‘lock and hold’. An instructor who can identify fear (tight grip on the bar, tension in both arms, fearful look in their eyes) can also help the student overcome it. Talk through it, demonstrate safety skills and reassure your student and they will have much faster success!”

Instructor: Mike Walker – Owner and Instructor for 14 years. Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia. School: Kitethrills

"Avoid the dreaded Tea-bag... One of the most common mistakes I see from students trying the waterstart is a lack of understanding about the 'upstroke'. The first 10-20 meters seems to be mastered quite consistently, it's the continued riding from then on, that requires students to understand how to generate power while the kite is flying UP as well. Ask your student to practice waterstarts with the kite going from low to high, it'll help a lot!"

Instructor: Chris Sal – IKO Examiner Location: Melbourne, Australia School: Kite Republic

“Teaching a student to fly for the first time, just ask them to try and keep the kite stable with their body relaxed. Keep their thumbs off the bar to avoid an aggressive hammer-style grip. Keep both their hands close to the center of the bar to avoid over-steering. If they can’t relax, tell them to sit down and fly and/or get a smaller kite.”

Instructor: Christian Bulota – School manager Location: Perth, Western Australia School: Action Sports WA

Remember, the Best kiteboarding instructors are ALWAYS learning! Instruct with Us...