Best Valentine's KB4Girls Giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for all your lovely entries we were overwhelmed with the amount of boyfriends, husbands, brothers and Dad's telling us why their special one is the Best! Congratulations to Stefanie who we have chosen the winner of the new KB4Girls board thanks to her nomination from Dan.

  • To: Stefanie
    My girlfriend Stefanie started Kiteboarding in Australia 6 years ago whilst living in Melbourne. She took part in all of the local KB4Girls events there and loved every minute of it, going on to be an active part of the local St. Kilda kite scene. This love for kiting continued to grow so much so that upon returning to her native Germany 2 years ago in order to take up a new job, she decided to fill the 10 days left before starting her new post by getting one final sunny Kiting session in, heading to El Gouna, Egypt for a KB4Girls 'Global' event. This is when I come into the story, meeting whom i can only describe as not only the 'Best' future girlfriend ever but also now my 'Best' friend and soul mate! I did not get to spend a great deal of time with Stefanie in El Gouna due to the fantastic amount of activities that KB4Girls founder and international Kiteboarding ambassador Kristin Boese had planned for all the girls, but when i did finally get a chance to speak to Stef alone it was amazing and by the end of the week i was hooked, not only to kiting (that week was my first time on a board) but also hooked on her. She was then and is still the most easy-going person I have ever met and time seems to evaporate when I am with her, with hours seeming to fly past in seconds! This is just as well as with not seeing each other more than once every 4 weeks has been hard.

    A couple of months of chatting on the phone thankfully vanished quickly after our meeting in Egypt before i could get to see her again, this time in Lancing, UK at another KB4Girls Global Chapter event. By the end of that magical weekend (including me attending the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics) i knew i had made the 'best' decision in seeing her again; a decision that was easy in hindsight.

    Now, nearly 2 years since meeting in Egypt and after managing to keep our long-distance relationship going between Germany and the UK, i have decided that the 'best' decision i could make is to move to Hamburg, Germany to live with Stef and start a proper life together! This Valentines day evening (Friday 14th February) i will pack all my worldly belongings into a van, board a ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland and then drive to Hamburg. Now we will be able to enjoy many happy years of kite sessions together, wherever in the world the wind may take us, but never apart again!

    In April we then both head off to Australia for 3 weeks of kiting in the sun. Stef lives for kiting and is most at one with life when she is on the water. It is time that Stef replaced her 5 year old battered kiteboard with something not just better but the 'best'. This is the minimum she deserves for being my constant guiding breeze throughout these last 2 challenging years and for helping to prove that two people can manage to overcome great adversity and still have a perfect life together. Our trip to Australia would be even more amazing if she was riding a Best board.

    Dan Jaspers, UK

  • And for all the other special valentine's today, here are your nominations of why you are the Best!

  • To: Mom
    My Mom is the Best and deserves the Best! She dyed her hair pink to match her new Best kite last Summer!

    James O'Brein, Ireland

  • To: Gabby
    So i arrive at the beach, the wind in my hair, how lucky to have a girlfriend who really does care, she gets it, understands, and is very carefree, but simply because, she’s more addicted than me! She kites longer and harder, and boosts big on her 8.

    Paul Brennan, South Africa

  • To: Bridget
    She is the mother to my 2 wonderful kids and the only reason I get on the water. If she wins this board she has a reason to join me on the water and maybe my 3 years old son can try it out too.

    Jacob Kofoed

  • To: Cynthia
    I want to submit my girlfriend into this contest because she is just so helpfull to me. She is always there, kiting or taking photos with me. She adapted her life to me with kiteboarding & loves this sport as much as me! She deserve this!

    Alex Arseneault, Canada

  • To: Akvile
    She's my wife, she smiles a lot, loves and does kiteboarding in summer and winter conditions. She drives a car home safely for more than 300 km, to home town, with bunch of wasted guys, including her husband, after kiteboarding weekends.

    Audrius, Lithuania

  • To:
    Now, I know that she will be very happy having a new board, a Best one, as we have Best kites. She told me that she finally learnt to kite to be with me and our daughter, to be together in the beach, and in the sea!-Just for love! She deserves a new board! I love her!

    Ramon, Spain

  • To: Sally
    My love and late (kite) starter Sally Stoop, just started 2 years ago and had to learn kiteboarding in quite rough conditions (north Sea and Tarifa). She is now ready for the next step in filling in the "trick-book". My super sporty chica, is now joining me, on trips all around the globe for wind.

    Dave de Jonge, The Netherlands

  • To: Carly
    She is the best and so I have entered this into the competition as I believe that there is no better person than someone who doesn't hold you back from your dreams yet enforces you and has your back the whole time (even when you come home shattered, battered and bruised from a long day riding).

    Tom Douglas

  • To: Charlotte
    My girlfriend Charlotte rips really hard in the cold waters of Sweden. The board would start of her season in a radical way. She loves the KB4Girls events and attended one in Malmö with Kristin.

    Martin Ericisson, Sweden

  • To: Katie
    My girlfriend is very very good at learning things and would be better than me at kitesurfing if she could get out more. She is a full time primary school teacher who has to work rain or shine as it's her first year, and it has made me miss many a kite session when I help her with the mountains of marking she has to do.

    Tamas Bogaru

  • To: Jessica
    My girlfriend is a Iraq War veteran, where she served in combat as a veterinary technician caring for military working dogs. I'm teaching her how to kitesurf on a 7m best right now.

    Jason Brightmann

  • To: Stephanie
    The Best of the Best kitelady's in this world is Stephanie. Stephanie is a lovely kitebabe from the Netherlands that kites every windy day. Even if it's winter!

    Sven Luybe

  • To: the waitress in South Africa
    At my 2 weeks of kite surf holiday in Cape Town I met this amazing girl on one of the last days. Suddently I found my self so deeply in love with a girl I hadn't been able to spend enough time with. She was a waitress at a restaurant, she wrote her name on the bill, I came back two days after. And now she's the only reason I again will go back for two weeks next month. Using the rest of my holiday to be with her.

    Marc S. Pedersen, Denmark

  • To: Mandy
    My darling is the best because she sacrifices her time going to work and with our 20 month old son so that i can go kitesurfing !!...and she deserves the Best so that she too can start to enjoy kitesurfing to the maximum.

    Alisdair Boult, Malta

  • To: Ashley
    So Ashley has decided she will leave her job, friends, and family to move down to Hatteras with me this March so I can pursuit my dreams and happiness. Which is why I think MY girl is the best! I couldn't think of a better way to show her how much I appreciate her and what she's doing for me than to win her this board

    Aaron Roberts, Michigan

  • To: Brooke Shaw
    Brooke Shaw is the most amazing and fun person to be around. She can keep up also keep up with any sport and has just gotten into kiteboarding. I would love to be able to share the sport I love so much with her.


  • To: My misses
    I remember at one stage I was looking at a motorbike. I never got the bike, but kept the girl and got a new kite – I think of her every time I fly the kite. Hopefully she will soon be out on the water with me. Till then she will remain the best beach partner

    Neil Sutherland

  • To:
    I believe it is a great mix of all of these and my girlfriend has and produces all of these. Kiting and me compete for the number one spot in her life and maybe we will soon both contribute to her happiness because that’s all she deserves after the happiness she has brought to my life.

    Bruce Cousins

  • To: Sara
    She definitely deserve to win her dream board and you also give me a change to not buy her a board :) I was two years begging her to come to Thailand, she finally came here to me! So I just want her to be happy :)

    Ja Lvan

  • To: Stephanie
    It took me months to convince Stephanie into a date. Finally she agreed, and on our second date I gave her a kiting lesson it the brutal cold fall weather of Northern Michigan. She took the cold like a champ and put in the dedication to actually learn how to kite. Fast forward five years and we got engaged.

    Matt Myers, Lake Michigan

  • To: Kate
    This is my wife Emily warming up after a winter kitesurf session in the UK! Emily SERIOUSLY deserves a bit of luck and would love a Best kiteboard to compliment her Best TS kites. Emily has undergone back and knee surgery 3 times over the last two years and has only just got back on a board a few days ago.

    Paul Robinson, UK

  • To: Sharry
    She is the love of my life because...she smiles to life, and cannot stay parted from the sea. From the ocean she takes optimism, commitment, reliability, intuition and passion. Sharry is gentle and straightforward, smooth and caring.


  • To:
    Last sunday my wife had her 1st kite lesson. And she did extremely well for her first lesson. So thats why it will be a big blessing to supply her with a board. As I only kite with a directional.


  • To: Carine
    We recently moved to Cape Town and as you will know one of the best spots for kite surfing quickly got hooked on the sport!!!!!! She is not selfish and would rather be on the beach with me practicing with the kite etc. and enjoying quality things in life than be in the malls like other girls.

    Morine Jacobs, South Africa

  • To: My sister Marije Visser
    I want to give her a present this valentine because she is the sweetest sister on earth. She is the one who makes me happy, she is the one always in the mood for a kitesurf-session, she is the one who helps me after all my huge kite crashes. She is, to describe it in just one word, simply the "Best".

    Adrian Veras

  • To: Niina
    The life with our loved ones is like the wind, it rarely is steady and fair. I've not always been the Best guy for my girl, Niina. She's been through the storms and calms. For us it is about the determination and the will to succeed. A board, in itself symbolises the delicate instrument of reaching one's goals.

    Petri Sandstrom

  • To: Caitlin
    My girlfriend, Caitlin is the Best, because till she has a board of here own she comes out to the dirty water hole I use for kiteboarding and hangs with me, waiting for her day to shred.


  • To: Emmanuelle
    My girlfriend should win your contest because she is the best and she made me discover kite surfing.. More than that here is why: She is the sexiest, adventurious, smart, ambitious... She's available and always looking after people around her and doing her best for everybody to be happy.

    David Dupras, Montreal

  • To: Kira
    My girlfriend Kira deserves the Best, because she simply is the BEST. We are a couple since almost 10 years and started kiting together one year ago with a group of guys and she can easily compete with everyone. And last but not least, I love her more than anything in the world and therefore she is the Best.

    Hans Harte

  • To: Angela
    I think my girlfriend Angela deserved a reel nice gift because,she had a real struggled starting to kite surf and almost quit with it. But she took a little brake and tried again and succeeded. And now she Rocks. And because I love her.

    Maijn de Kraker

  • To: Megan Mitchell
    I truly feel and believe Megan is the Best, she has flaws like any other human being, but that is what perfection is. She’s always striving for the Best in everything she does.

    Joe Ochoa

  • To: Esmeralda Ypsilanti
    We have been in a relationship for 3 years now and I can honestly say that, these past 3 years have been the best of my life. Esmeralda brightens up a dull day and can always make me smile even in difficult moments. She is always positive about the future and has the ability to bring out the goodness in people.

    Cornelius Kobrock

  • To:
    My girlfriend is not only a beautiful girl but also has unbelievable athletic ability and an unwavering passion for the sport. If there is wind she is kiting. Her love for me is so strong she took the time to teach this untalented, unathletic, boob of a man how to do the sport that she loves so that she could spend more time with me.

    Aaron Lee

  • To: Lizzie Coe
    I believe she deserves the ‘Best’ because of her extreme motivation to get on the water even in the coldest conditions. She has been out kiting throughout the British winter in all kinds of conditions (sometimes 40knots+), practically every weekend. I consider myself very lucky to be with someone that would prefer to be on the water than out shoe shopping!

    Jack Galloway, Poole

  • To: Michelle Wilson
    She had a set back last year and dislocated her shoulder kiting in Scotland but after stabilizing surgery has fought back and is now working on learning some new tricks. We always kite together and she often puts the boys to shame down our local beach in Lancing kiting 30+ knot winds. All at 52 years old!! She's the BEST!


  • To: Mel
    Her amazing perseverance, enduring all the bad luck she endures, inspires me and is why I think she is the BEST! This will be our first Valentine’s Day together and I would love to make it an unforgettable one, by showing her that I will support her through her current healing process and that she will be my kiteboarding buddy again when she gets back on the water - hopefully riding a new board!

    Yannick, The Netherlands

  • To: Elisa
    She has been the Best partner and I am so very blessed. She is an aspiring kiteboarder and has not been able to get her own gear yet and a new KB4C board would be a blessing for her as she is to me.

    Nathan Borer

  • To: Rachel
    Here is my little mermaid. When she is riding, her eyes become like glittering stars and that fills me with happiness! I love her.

    Daniel Lefebvre

  • To: Krisanne
    There has never been a doubt in my mind that my leading lady, Krisanne, is the Best! She is the most kind, caring, and empathetic person I know. Krisanne also puts up with whatever my obsession is at the time. With our second season about to begin, I thought it would be great if she could start it off on a new board to become as obsessed as I am. It is the least I can do considering the support she gave me this past season.


  • To: My girlfriend
    My love deserves the Best because she is practicing very hard te get as confident on the water on a board as she is in our relationship making my life one big pleasure.

    Bram van Kempen

  • To:
    Look my girlfriend smiling for me. Being with her means feel free. Ready for new adventures. Strong to face challenges. Flexible when I need support. She likes beach, water and loves the wind like me. She is unique and perfect. She is the Best! She will be an excellent kiteboarder, just because she fell in love with the sport.

    Tayro Mendonça L. Bezerra, Brazil

  • To: Alice
    My wife Alice. 3rd week of lessons. Loving the sport!

    John P. Batson, MD, FACSM, South Carolina

  • To: Lori
    Rain,shine cold, or hot, light wind, strong wind this girl is on the water all the time. Best of all, always with a smile and laughing. Happy Valentine's Day to all the ladies. :)

    Cory Mier, South Carolina

  • To: Kaitlyn
    The truest love is between a father and a daughter. That love is multiplied when enjoying a great session on the water. Kaitlyn is sixteen, beautiful, and quite the kiter. What makes her the Best? The boys on the beach stare in awe but she's more interested in the wind and waves. What else could a father ask for? She has progressed as a rider and a KB4Girls board would help her advance to the next level. For a brand that promotes awesome riding, big personalities, and visual pleasantries, Kaitlyn is a perfect fit!

    Jeremy Evans

  • To: Catherine
    I would like to nominate my fiancee, Catherine Tanner for the valentines day contest. She is the one who got me into kiteboard and has spent many hours at the beach teaching and helping me develop my skills. When at the beach for a kite by ourself she always lands me first with her kite in the air, and when launching will send me out first and then self launch. She has also just competed in the South Australian Kiteboarding Freestyle competition and taken out the open womens division. In 25-32 knots on a 7m she crashed hard in the first 30 seconds of the final but got back up and pulled off an unhooked powered F-16 to win the Women's event! She always stops and help out other kiters and give tips and advice to new kiters to ensure the are safe.

    Scott Johnson

  • To: Eva
    She deserves a nice new board, because: - She will not stop kiting, not below 5c not with 30+knts - She's pushing herself, she will land her first handlepass this year (I think) - She get's more girls on the boards, because she organises events, just for that. - She's the Best thing that happened to me.

    Ferry Kager

  • To:
    My Girlfriend is the Best cause she is the nicest person in the world, she is hot really sporty and she loves to kite!! I LOVE HER!

    Marcel Glaser

  • To: Nagytha
    Nagytha Beking deserves the Best because she makes their first jumps last year in Brasil. Next to that she is a lovely and beautiful girl!

    Maarten Hoek, Netherlands

  • To:
    A picture of my lady ripping it in Greece. I'm just so sad. My girlfriend also is contaminated with the kitevirus and it's all because of me. When I go to the beach she always wants to come with and it's costing her whole salary to buy all medical supply's she needs... (kiteboards, kites, wetsuits and so on) Please help my valentine to reduce her medical bills so she can get rid of here old worn out board and get the best... A Best kiteboard!


  • To: Katharina
    She is the Best because, she makes me smile every morning, although I'm grumpy in the morning. She travelled 16000 km around the globe to bring me my kite, while I was studying abroad and she learned kiteboarding with 3 degree celsius water and air and loved it.


  • To: Lise Robert
    Thanks for this opportunity my wife of 15 years has decided to pick up KITESURFING and she love’s the Best kite surf equipment and took her first step this december in Cuba. She deserve to win this contest and she will be a PROUD representative for your company has we travel 2 or 4 time a year for the sport.

    Francis Martel

  • To:
    For the past 5 years she has patiently followed me around to kiting spots and has been the best kite slave helping me setup, getting out of tangles etc. However the last couple of months she decided to get out there to give it a crack herself and is now ripping around on the snow. I cannot wipe the smile off her face, she has the kite bug.


  • To: My girl
    My girls the best because she never gives up!

    Alexander Franklin

  • To: Nele
    She had the most gorgeous smile. I offered to help her set up the kite properly and walk her into the water as the beach was tiny and not really suitable for beginners. I spent the next two hours teaching her and I felt happy to be blessed with her company. We have been together ever since that day. Our love keeps growing as we share our lives and plan for a family.


  • To:
    Why my lady is the best you ask? There are more reasons then one, But the best is that she always gives me the last run.

    Emiel, The Netherlands

  • To: My girlfriend
    Love for sure did a lot, but the kitesurf took a big place too. I taught her kitesurfing (and I still do it), and this has allowed her to experience new sensations and calm down. Now, she has her own kite (BEST TS 9m of 2013) , but after a lot of work (and it’s not easy to work and study when you’re 18 !). She dreams about kitesurfing in the world, be a champion, you can help her a lot to realize her dreams. Of course, she has a lot of equipment to buy, but the board is one of the most important.. For all of that, I hope for her sincerely, she will have the best prize I can give to her (after my love..)

    Valentin Girard-Pécarrère, France

  • To: My wife
    Because she likes the Best logo and because she is a mother of our already kitesurfing 13 years old daughter Eva (she will become 14 on Valentine's day)!

    Ron, The Netherlands

  • To: Tina
    She is the one who makes a kite session the best thing you ever experienced, there is nothing like a good day at the beach with her. It's time she gets a new board to make her even smile bigger when she's jumping and ripping like a real hellish.


  • To: Djuanti
    My valentine deserves the Best kiteboarding valentine-price, because she is; Like a kiteboard - keeping me from sinking. Like a kite - making me move forward and even upwards sometimes. Like a bar - she steers me in the right direction whenever its needed


  • To:
    Her smile is like the sun and breeze and make me fly!

    Maurizio Rizzo

  • To: my girlfriend
    To be straight and accurate. In Poland temperature is 2C, rainy and 100% cloudy forecast for tommorow. My girlfriend is mostly flat rider, started kiting last year. I love waves. She wants to take me kiting on Baltic Sea on Valentine's Day. She is the Best :)

    Andrzej K., Poland

  • To: Aafke
    I've been together with Aafke for 2,5 years, and it has been a blast, most likely the best thing that happend to me! Super enthusiastic, funny, always up for an adventure, swimming with sharks, hiking volcanoes, camping in the city center of Taipei, surfing, doing charity work, and she works passionately on living her dreams. Since last summer not only my girlfriend anymore, but also my best kite buddy! She got addicted this after learning how to ride, going upwind and kept on riding until the stars were up in the air! She bought a 2nd hand selfmade board and two best kahoona's and is absolutely loving it. Checking the wind all the time and still riding in the winter even when it was freezing at night(and next valentine's weekend)!

    Marco Lubbers, Amsterdam

  • To: Silvia
    My girlfriend is the Best: she crossed Spain (900km) to come to live with me and be able to go kiting for the rest of our lives. She learned to kite in muddy lakes with gusty air and now, she has ended up riding in the marvelous beaches of Barcelona. I don't know if she loves me or the beaches more hehe. I have always encouraged her to improve in kiteboarding and, as she has done very well on the last three years, we are going to travel together to go to the Spanish Championship this year. Wish her luck! She deserves the BEST :)

    Deivis, Spain

  • To: Lisa
    My lady is amazing because not only does she put up with all my kiting nonsense (disappearing for sessions, talking about gear, needing money for travel, etc., etc.), but now she’s keen to get riding herself! Why not start her off with some of the Best gear on the planet?!?!

    Andrew Rourke, Waterloo, ON

  • To: Jesselyn
    My fiancé, Jesselyn LaValley, is the reason I took up the amazing sport of kiteboarding. Despite me growing up on surf/snow/skateboards, I never pulled the trigger on kiteboarding until she booked us for our first lesson in 2011. She’s a natural at everything and a darn good athlete, so it was no surprise she was up and riding on the first day. We work on US Navy ships and our jobs allow us to travel together, which we are so thankful for. Here’s a pic of us after a session in Boracay (where she showed me up, as usual): When it gets too cold for her to hit the water, she still tags along and will even inflate my kite while I’m suiting up. She’ll even brave the cold and sit on the beach to snap some pictures of me riding. She’s an amazing chick who’s always willing to try something new and go on an adventure. And most of all, she’s willing to be my partner in crime for the rest of our lives, which is why she deserves the BEST!

    Spencer Johnston

  • To: Tabitha
    Tabby is my ‘leading lady’ for many reasons, some of the kiting related ones being she is there in the horrific conditions as well as the beautiful ones, she’ll be there with a camera helping film, have glucose tablets at the ready (I’m type 1 diabetic), help guide me to work out where I’m going wrong on new tricks. When we met she was scared of the sea but steadily I have managed to get her hooked on kitesurfing and that sums her up really well; she is willing to try any sport (even if she needs a little persuasion at first) and will conquer her fears in the pursuit of fun! One of my favorite memories is riding with her on my back from one end of the beach to the other with her yelling “faster, faster..”. Together we form the perfect kitesurfing team, helping each other progress but most importantly always having fun.

    Ben Pickup

  • To: my girl
    if she wins she will have no excuse not to learn! muahahaha- always wanted a kitesurfer girlfriend.

    Ben McCann

  • To: Cathy
    Meeting Cathy was the BEST thing for me as she shook up my world. Shes gorgeous and simply the BEST. Teaching her to kiteboard was the BEST for both of us as we now get to travel the world together instructing and riding at the BEST kite spots as we go. Shes encouraged countless girls onto the water where they may have otherwise shied away. (As you can see she needs a new BEST board to compliment her Best TS 12m)

    jonny smith , UK

  • To: Marie-Eve
    My wife Marie-Eve Mayrand is the BEST kitesurfer to win the board for these unequivocal reasons: 1. I love her 2. She is obsessed with kiteboarding 3. She is one of the most active and visible kiteboarders in Alberta 4. She wishes she had a BEST board and will kill me if she doesn't win the contest

    Charles Hamel, Canada

  • To: Jazmin
    Jazmin has kited all over the world and this photo taken in Fiji displays her passion for kiting. Never have I seen another so eager to chase the wind and find a memorable session! She brings vibrant warm energy to the beach and spreads her love of the ocean to everyone around her. Even in adverse conditions, she makes the Best out of them and always keeps a smile on her face! Three times she has made the podium at Kiteboarding for Cancer, an annual fundraiser in Hood River, Oregon which highlights the struggles that cancer survivors must endure. Her commitment to the people she loves and her passion of kiteboarding has changed the lives of many. She deserves the Best because in my mind she is the Best! She has taken time from her session to help patch my kite so we could share the water and waves. She has helped untangle my self rescue lines, and used the school jet ski to save unlucky kiters(me) when the winds drops. She has covered my lessons so I might have a session that day, and she has been my photographer and videographer/editor for many projects. Her actions and attitude exemplify the Best things in life: a never ending smile, an always positive attitude and a hope that one day we can all find our perfect session on a new Best board! We will be spending valentines day far from the oceans she's loves so much and the gift of a new twin tip would be exceptionally welcome during this long north american winter.

    Aaron Mack

  • To: Juliet
    Her name is Juliet. She is the Best. Imagine the daughter of Princess Peach and Lara Croft. Royàle, elegant, smooth - but with the fervor of a dragon, always seeking for new adventures and for the myriads of treasures in the world. She thrives for an epic life, for boundaries unbound, with the utter desire to breathe in every second of youth and happiness she can get. Since she is a pro photographer, this thirst for strong emotions and sensation is a blessing, more than a curse, but it surely makes her difficult to tame, if not impossible at all. I met her as a woman in black, all elegant in our fashion town, Milan, with a catike sexiness that could have molten every man. I was intrigued by the mystery and by the fire hiding behind her emerald green eyes, embellished by an urban make-up made of lines and shadows. It was love at first sight and at ever and ever sight. I soon realised what an atom bomb she was, stripping me to the bare essentials of my soul every time she exploded. And so, from the beginning on to many years later, I have grasped this truth everytime we are on an adventure - be it on an American roadtrip, on the Meltemi pushed waves of Greece, in the wilderness of remote China or riding my kiteboard on the Atlantic water: I have found the Best companion for enjoying life down to every single vein of it. Her love, mashed with herself, push me to enjoy the Best moments of it, not envying me, or restraining me, but allowing me to break free. And the rest is rust and stardust.

    Giacomo Viggiani

  • To: Emma
    For my awesome wife, Emma, who has spent the last 3 years launching, landing, photographing and even rescuing me as I learnt to Kitesurf! She has also done this for other kitesurfers as a volunteer for the Big Charity Downwinder in 2013. Finally she has given in to temptation and is learning to kite herself! I would like to say a massive thank you to her for all her help and support!

    Andy Weaver

  • To: my girl
    I would like to nominate my girlfriend because she is the best. She is my soulmate and my best friend. First she went nuts because all I talked about was kiteboarding, Ruben lenten and Youri Zoon, how awesome this sport is. In October we went to see the red bull megaloop challenge in sandpiper, it's a 4 hour drive from our home, and she didn't even liked kiteboarding at that moment but she came with me anyway. After every she had put up with, she still went on a 4 hour drive, to stand on a beach with a cold strong wind. Then something changed, she was being to see how awesome this sport is. Now she is the won who is talking constantly about kiteboarding. She is driving me nuts. So that's why I think she deserves the Best KGB4Girls board.

    Bas Raaijmakers, Netherlands

  • To: my wife
    My wife gave everything up, job, friends, location to join me in a foreign country. As luck had it, we became pregnant quick and while I still was able to enjoy kiting was she grounded for over a year and just starts finally getting back on the water. Ist hard for her to let go of her motherly duties, but when she does and hits the water, I can just see on her smile how much it means to her, and how it fulfills her. The best part about it… out little girl is so proud of her mother when she sees her flying through the air. She is only 2 years old, but you can her pointing and smiling. So excited! Giving her this board will give her the extra motivation to hit the water while daddy takes care of the little one.

    Chris Schowalter, Germany

  • To: Jolijn
    Unfortunately i will not celebrate valentine this year. Me and my boyfriend broke up about 3 weeks ago, just before our 2 years anniversery. My haert is broken and you guys can fix it ! Please make my "lonely valentine", the BEST valentine ever !! I would watch television with this board, i would sleep with this board . And not to forget, i would celebrate valentine on the water, kiteboarding like the BEST!!

    Jolijn, belgium

  • To: My dear lady
    I think my dear lady is the best cause she's always willing to join for any kiting, surf or water activity or trip! She gives me a lot of motivation even when we face the worst condition! Oh wait! she's the best too when she show me other stuff to do on a beach - like sitting on himan bronze status ;)

    Adrien Riot

  • To: Eve Parker
    I’m so lucky to have Eve, who is the most beautiful, fun, caring and loving girl in the whole world. She is the best and deserves nothing but the best. I have recently been teaching her to Kitesurf and she has all the gear apart from a beautiful pink Kiteboard! I would love to give her the best present I could possibly think of on our first Valentine’s Day together.

    Jos Donohoe