Best and Performance Manufacturing settle dispute

A disagreement over a batch of kites showing severe quality issues caused a dispute between Best Kiteboarding and Performance Manufacturing that challenged the over 10 years long collaboration relationship. Now, after months of dispute, both parties settle differences and move forward together.

Pure Action Sports (owner of Best Kiteboarding) and Performance Manufacturing China, (the manufacturing arm of Pryde Group), have agreed on settlement terms to a dispute that has been preoccupying both companies over the past 18 months.

Under the terms of the out of court settlement, Pure Action Sports remain committed to continued production at Performance, and will shortly be placing an order for kites to be delivered in Spring 2017. As part of the same settlement, Pure Action Sports have agreed that Performance may sell directly a limited quantity of kites produced under the previous agreement and caught up in the dispute. This clearance sale is now on going in Europe and America.

During the dispute period, both parties continued to collaborate on finding a solution to the quality issue that affected a batch of kites if exposed to specific climate conditions. As a result of this collaboration, which included extensive testing, Pure Action Sports and Performance are confident that the issue is now resolved and will not occur again.

Background information about the addressed quality issue
The quality issue affected a batch of kites that, when exposed to warmth (e.g. kites left sitting in a car in the sunshine), showed a high rate of delaminating valves and also broken valve discs. The batch showed a warranty rate above 10 %. Best Kiteboarding, committed to highest quality standards continues to repair or replace all kites affected by this issue.