Best Fest 2015 Wrap Up!

Written by Kevin Wade

This Year’s Best Fest at Real watersports was held May 19th-21st. Staff members and customers were given an opportunity to meet some of the pro riders and check out the 2015 gear. Chris Bobryk, Noé Font, Sam Medysky and Paula Rosales were all present to share the stoke.

The daily schedule included the following:
• 10am - 2015 Best Gear Tech Talk @ REAL Watersports
• 11-2pm - Try the new 2015 BEST Gear
(Locations will vary based on conditions)
• 4pm - Ride with the Pros Chris Bobryk, Sam Medysky , Noé Font & Paula Rosales

Day 1:
The light winds gave us the opportunity to highlight the 17m TS and Breeze combo. The Tech Talk consisted of light wind technique and Big Boards vs Big Kites. Later in the day we were able to get out for a short session before the wind died completely.

Day 2:
With the winds coming from the north at 15 to 22 knots we decided to head down to Kite Point. This proved to be the best demo day, as there were plenty of people and plenty of wind. Darren Howerton from Woo Sports supplied some demo units to add to the fun and excitement. The received tons of positive feedback on the gear, and everyone was stoked to see the Woo in action. The team went out for a session with everyone and put on quite a show!

Day 3:
The final day provided little to no wind. After completing the Tech Talk in the morning, some of the crew headed north in hopes of demoing gear at Windmill Point. We arrived to find gusty offshore winds that were less than suitable for demoing gear. We decided to head out for a short session and Chris Bobryk was still able to pull of some impressive moves in the challenging winds.

Overall, the demo was a great success, a variety of conditions and participants gave us the opportunity to showcase the full range and educate people on the awesome products that Best Kiteboarding is currently producing. We hope that everyone enjoyed the event, and would like to thank our Industry Partners at Real Watersports for helping to make it possible. See you next Year!!