The American Dream #2 / Canada isn't so cold

We woke up this morning at 6:30 am and the plan was to visit the CN tower in Toronto and also do a little bit of sight seeing in the city. We did the classic “Drive Thru” at Tim Horton’s for breakfast and made it to the city by 9am. I though I would have to wear winter jackets and that kind of stuff but I got surprised by the sunny and warm side of Toronto today!

The CN tower it’s the highest building in the whole city and everything looks tiny from the top at 432m high, even the massive skyscrapers you see so big from the streets. After the tower we did a visit to a local Best shop as they had a swop running, it’s awesome to find a kite shop in a place like this where Kiteboarding isn’t as big. The day went by really fast, we had lunch in town with Sam’s aunt and then headed back to Orillia where we still had to finish packing and getting ready for tomorrow as we are heading south on route to the Niagara Falls and Boston! 

 Stay tuned!

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