The American Dream #3 / Niagara Falls

We had planned the Niagara Falls for today so we woke up at Sam's house and his mum had breakfast ready for us, so we ate that and left around 8am. We got to Niagara a few hours later, the falls didn't disappoint me at all I have to say, there is so much water going so fast feels powerful. The falls are right in the border so in one side it's Canada and the other America. The Canadian side looked better as it has a C shape and you can get closer to the falls.

Once we had the falls done we went across the US border right there, we both were pretty nervous as you never know when coming into the state side and even though a 16 year old away from school looks suspicious they let us in. As always "Drive Thru" at Tim Horton's for lunch and started the journey down south. After driving for like 8 hours today we made it to our next stop, Boston. Things get wild on road trips when in the car so imagine Sam and I trying to figure out what to do. Tomorrow we look forward on watching the Boston Marathon and doing some more sightseeing here in the city. Cheers from America!

PD: There is Wi-Fi at the gas stations in America. Today's "Same but different" -> I found out there is different towns with the same name and that's… I don’t know you decide what to think.

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