The American Dream #6 / Pleasure Bay, It's been a pleasure

They’ve always told me; expect nothing and never be disappointed. I have to say Boston has already gone over my expectations, even there weren’t any.

The whole WOO sports crew has been talking about today’s forecast since we got here and they convinced us to wait for it and check out the spot and the conditions here. Sam and I were told that we could easily get a freestyle 11m session by noon so we ate one of the biggest sandwiches I’ve eaten to date and headed to the spot. The spot it’s called Pleasure Bay, it’s literally around the corner from where we are staying and I don’t think there are many words to describe how sick the place is, just look at the photos. We got there and it was nuking windy around 30kts, luckily we booth had our WOO’s ready to capture the highest jumps. We went out on our 9m GP’s, which got booth of us up to 12m high for around 7sec. The coolest thing about the spot it’s the fact that the wind blows straight against the breakwater, which changes the angle of the wind and helps you fly even more. Many other people were kitting at the spot as well, I was impressed on how hard they push it here to jump and go high. To end the session at the top we went kite skating on the break wall with a trainer kite, that thing was fast!

After a few days in Boston its time to move on and continue our journey, next stop it’s New York City. I would like to thank the whole WOO Sports crew for the hospitality at their office, to do my homework and especially to Darren who hosted us at his place for more than we expected. Cheers guys!
PS: Sam crashed his kite really hard and the GoPro got knocked out of the mount, he lost it and the thing went floating downwind all the way to the other side of the bay where we found it afterwards.
Today’s “Same but different” -> I’ve never talked about parking tickets and towing cars as much as I’ve done it on the last three days. You defiantly don't want to get a car in Boston! ;)

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