The American Dream #7 / New York City

New York City has definitly been on the list; we left Boston in the morning around 7am and drove 4h south to NYC. The big apple sucked us in with the traffic and after an hour or so we were down town New York at the mystical Times Square. I’ve always heard New York was big but It’s way more than that, specially Manhattan Island its covered by skyscrapers that make you feel like a little ant making its way through the grass. Times Square it’s like an anthill, everyone ends up there to take the big old photo with Mario and the bright and shiny buildings on the background, I did so too! We didn’t have much time to spend there as Sam like everyone else hates traffic and even more with his new truck. So we walked from Times Square up to Central Park, its weird to find such a big amount of vegetation in the middle of all those giant skyscrapers.

It was getting late already and I really felt like we still hadn’t seen most of the city, on the way out I got to see the Empire State building and Manhattan Island from far away which was pretty dope. I left with wanting to know and see much more about the city and hopefully next time I can get a longer taste of it.

New York it’s expensive, it wasn’t the fact that we did expensive stuff it was more about all the people there who’s trying to sell stuff to you and them getting away with it. Sam bought a Hip-Hop CD for 5$ which at one point we thought it was empty (in the end the tunes weren’t that bad) and I spent 5$ more with all those dudes with the Disney costumes for the photo.
Next destination it’s Washington! Cheers from the state side.

Today’s “Same but different” -> It was like in the movies, but in real life looks 10x bigger!

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