The American Dream # 1 / Hello Canada!

People from all over the world have chased the American dream since Cristobal Colon discovered America in 1492. So after hearing so much about it I’ve decided it is time for me to follow that journey and chase the American dream myself. What will happen next is an almost daily update of my adventures in Canada and USA during the next two months. Stay tuned!

Day 1. Checked in my board bag with 37kg no problem and another bag of 26kg with no trouble at all, my first flight from Barcelona to New York arrived early and I had enough time to deal with US costumes and check in my baggage again, arrived in Toronto (Canada) half an hour earlier than the expected and Sam picked me up with his new truck, the car that’s going to drive us everywhere in the next weeks. We drove to his house in Orillia a couple hours away from Toronto where Janice (Sam’s mum) had cooked delicious burgers for dinner. Seems like a great start for a wonderful trip. Up next sightseeing in Toronto. PD: The airport in New York wasn’t as busy as what I heard.

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