The American Dream #4 / Boston Marathon

The first few days have been pretty stressful but now we are based in Boston and looks like we are going to stay here for more than a day. The guys at WOO sports have their office here, so in the morning we visited the HQ and then we hanged out with them all day. The weather hasn’t been like in the past days, it was rainy and 15ºC but it sure was a big day in the city, as today the Boston Marathon was taking place downtown during the whole day, so we decided to check it out.

We’re not sure yet about the plans for tomorrow but we might head to the WOO HQ again where I could maybe get some homework done before we get on the road again. Oh! I got lucky enough that WOO hooked me up with one of their devices, Thanks guys!

Today’s “Same but different” -> No matter what city you're in the world it's always hard to find a parking spot.

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