The American Dream #5 / Frozen Brain

We woke up today and the sun was shining the weather was sweet… You know like they say. Boston has never been on my “want to go” list, so its not like I’m here and I want to do this and that because I heard of it, it just happened randomly so I didn’t and still don’t know what to expect from it. We headed to the WOO sports office again to see what they were up to, Darren one of the guys and with who we are staying with invited us to go surfing with him.

Rhode Island the surf spot it’s around 2h away from the city, with right and left hand points breaking everywhere and pretty much no one out made our day. There was only one thing though; I never thought the water could be so cold at the ocean. I only had gloves and booties on so every single duck dive I did was freezing my brain. We didn’t catch many waves but they were long. A pit stop at Mc Donald’s on the way back and a BBQ for dinner to finish the day. Looks like we’ll have some wind tomorrow so we’ll stay here in Boston to session with the whole WOO team! Looking forward for a session after a while. Cheers!

PS: I did make a hole on the butt of my wetsuit hoping over a fence. Hahaha.
Today’s “Same but different” -> Many drinks are the same drink, but here you can drink them with many more different flavors.

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