The American Dream #8 / Washington

Washington. We visited the Arlington Cemetery in the morning, right before all the schools and tourists got there and we caught it pretty quiet. I don’t really know what to say about the cemetery but I sure can say wars make way to much damage. It was sunny, but it was windy and chilly so it was a little annoying to walk around, after Arlington we went to visit the White House.

I thought it would be bigger, or maybe a bigger garden. We got surprised by a protest right in front of the house, which didn’t let us take our selfies properly ha ha ha. We walked around it and took some shots and literally left Washington afterwards, as after all these days on the road we are stoked to finally arrive to our final destination; Cape Hatteras NC.

Today’s “Same but Different” -> It’s really funny to see the accent variation in all the different cities. Same language feels like a totally different one.

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