Alex wins the Red Bull Rally dos Ventos

Our Brazilian PKRA warrior Alex Neto took part in a Red Bull kite race across the Brazilian desert. Read about his adventure here:

Two weeks ago I was in a very special national park up north in Brazil in Maranhao. The park is called ´Lençois Maranhenses`, it's a huge area close to the sea with many high sand dunes (some are even over 50 m high) and countless crystal clear lagoons in between. Red Bull organized an event there the ´Red Bull Rally dos Ventos`, a downwinder kite race downwind of about 16 km.

Since the beginning of the course I knew that I would need to find a way to get at the finish line faster than the rest of the people. I decided to go from the first lagoon we found directly onto to the sand dunes without getting off the board. I was literally kiteboarding up the dune while almost all the other rider went running with the board on their hands to reach the next lagoon.

I think this technique made me reach the finish line first, wining the event. Of course kiteboarding through sand is not the best treatment for a board, but as my Profanity board comes with a sintered grinding base for protection as well as the fact that I usually do not have to pay for my boards ☺, was reason enough to do it anyhow.

My main competitor during the race was Carlos Mario ´Bebe` who also did part of the way like I did: Kiting on the sand dunes. He was in front of me until more or less the last 200 m. He then decided to go running right on the last sand dune because he was feeling his legs a lot. I bit my teeth and went on kiting. I managed to pass him on the last 100 m of the track wining this amazing event!

Watch the Red Bull event video: