Aiming for the Best!

Winning the vice Brazilian champion title wasn't that easy for me. As everyone knows the surfing level in Brazil is getting better all the time. Over the past few years I have been ranking in the top 5 but never could get into the top 3, the position all the kids from here dream about.

Since joining Best at the beginning of February I have been trying to go bigger and better. The awesome support I was received from the brand gave me so much motivation, with this and a lot of training too I won the first stop of the tour. At the last stop in my hometown Cumbuco I got 3rd. I was pretty happy with my results even with my 3rd. With all my points totalled I had won the Vice Champion title. I'll admit that the kid who won the overall rank was ripping, and grabbing 7's so I guess he deserved it!

I aim to continue my success and hope that I will achieve many more good results in the future!