Kiteoberfest 3 in Cocoa Beach Florida

Kiteoberfest #3 2014 went off this weekend in Cocoa Beach, FL! Best team rider Bret Sullivan was there to absorb the awesome vibes and report - here is his write up:

Best Kiteboarding sponsored the event, which was full of demos, freestyle jam sessions, course races, costume parties, slack line contests, and more! 321 Kiteboarding hosted the event at the famous “520 slick” in Cocoa Beach, FL. The North winds showed up relatively light which was perfect for larger size kites as 15 and 17 meters ruled the sky. Flat water at the slick allowed for perfect board testing conditions!

The day kicked off with the music jamming, barbecue blazin', and the beer flowing. Kiters from all over central Florida showed up to test the 2015 Product line from Best Kiteboarding. Many people were dressed in Halloween costumes for the festivities. Women walking around in hula costumes made for some entertaining fun. There were secret judges who walked around throughout the day judging for the Costume contest! After a slew of brief tutorials and trick clinics, a simple one lap course race began. The racecourse was a large, broad reach down the river and back. Kiters battled it out for the top 3 prizes. Following the course race, sign up for an amateur freestyle jam session began.

Everyone from kids to more seasoned riders signed up to be a part of the action. The format was a simple 30 min anything goes jam session with “secret” judges, aka myself and Nathan Schue from Fone kiteboarding. Riders flew through the air throwing board offs and one-footers. The momentum began to build with more technical tricks. Freestyle back rolls and some unhooked tricks started as the competition level increased. After the dust settled, F-one team rider Jacob Olivier won the freestyle jam session!

With the sun starting to set and the wind picking up, kiters loaded up kites with glow sticks prepping for some night sessions. As the barbecue and fire pit roared into the night, jam sessions began. Beautiful women dancing to the drum circle around the fire made for a picture perfect end to this insane demo event! I’d like to thank 321 kiteboarding for hosting an amazing event as well as everyone who attended and participated.