The CKA took place in Charleston

CKA Tour Stop #1 // Charleston, SC

Words: Brandon Cordina and Brett Sullivan

This past weekend marked the first tour stop (12 total, including Nationals) of the year for the Collegiate Kiteboarding Association, held in Charleston, SC organized by Ryan Druyor, Billy Bosch, and Brett Sullivan with help from locals Brandon Cordina and Brendan Guthrie. Schools from the East Coast ventured to the Holy City to battle it out in a Freestyle Kiteboarding Contest on Saturday then to follow Sunday with a cable wakeboard contest at Trophy Lakes on Johns Island. Saturday morning the wind was cranking and it was decided the best conditions for the contest would be at the Folly Beach County Park, where the event was granted a permit. The CKA had some of the most well known members of the local kiteboarding community as judges, which included Shea Gibson and Pro Kiteboarder Davey Blair who is also known from the viral video of urban wakeboarding in the Downtown Charleston flooded streets last month. The day began with 4, 10-minute heats, with the top rider from each heat going directly into the semifinals. The 2nd and 3rd place riders would then have a second chance to make the semi’s in round two. Starting on larger 12 meter kites, the college riders gave it their all throwing a huge variety of tricks from back rolls, to technical handle passes such as back mobes. As the day progressed the tide came in, which created choppy conditions that proved difficult for even the most advanced riders. Following a difficult battle in the semifinals four riders advanced to the final which included; Bret Sullivan, Brandon Cordina, Daniel Ware, and Ben Holmquist. During the final heat riders gave it their all throwing every trick they had. Brandon Cordina was riding strong throwing 360’s and backflips, Daniel had a combination of backflips and front flips, Ben throwing front flips and unfortunately had kite issues after a hard crash, Bret landing back flips, front flips, and 360’s with great speed. Riding in such close proximity to one another with kites just missing each other kept spectators on the edge of their seats. After 10 minutes the heat was over, high fives and laughs went around between riders. Results remained a mystery until the next day. The final day, held at Trophy Lakes Wakeboarding Cable Park on Johns Island was filled with a rider judged event from 9am-12pm which allowed riders to choose whom they thought rode the best. At the end, winners were crowned for the Cable Wakeboard event with Brandon Cordina (CofC) taking 1st, Bret Sulivan (FAU) taking 2nd and Julia Bustos (FAU) taking 1st in the women’s division. In the main event kiteboarding, Bret Sullivan (FAU) was crowned 1st, Brandon Cordina (CofC) 2nd, and Daniel Ware (CofC) 3rd. Roy Becker (FAU) took Best Wipeout, Sven Schneider (FAU) won Sportsmanship award for his great attitude on and off the beach. The number one school overall was College of Charleston, which received a brand new Slingshot Kiteboard for their club. Schools nation wide will continue to compete in the tour with events ranging from Hood River, Oregon to the Florida Keys. To find out more information about how to become involved in future events check out or to be directly involved with the College of Charleston Kiteboarding Club check out Sponsors of the event: Headline sponsor:Best Kiteboarding…Following, Slingshot Kiteboarding, Cabrinha Kiteboarding, Naish Kiteboarding, Trophy Lakes, Sealand Adventure Sports, Shades of Charleston, Runa Tea, Flat3Sports

Kiteboarding Freestyle Event Results:

1st Bret Sullivan FAU

2nd Brandon Cordina CofC

3rd Daniel Ware CofC

4th Ben Holmquist CofC

5th Chase Goodwin UCF

6th Aaron Walten CofC

7th Sven Schneider FAU

8th Roy Becker FAU

9th Brendan Guthrie CofC

10th Tanner Schuck CofC

Additional Riders - No Order

Reed Baldridge CofC

Kit Fisher UCF

India Stephenson Flagler College

Julia Bustos FAU

Chelsea Mercede FAU

Taylor Swanson FAU

Cable Wakeboarding Contest:

1st Brandon Cordina (CofC)

2nd Bret Sullivan (FAU)

Top Woman: Julia Bustos (FAU)

Top Woman (Kite): India Stephenson (Flagler College)

Sportsmanship Award: Sven Schneider (FAU)

Top School: College of Charleston

Special thanks to event overview photographer Alejandro Ferreyros and action shots photographer JP Lurkin .

Bret Sullivans clean Tailgrab on his Profanity !

Riders dug deep in the trickbox like Bret Sullivan here pointing Board and Boots high in the air.