Kite O Ween Event

This past weekend 1st and 2nd of November marked the 3rd annual Kite O Ween Event hosted by LTD Watersports. Riders from all over Northern Florida gathered in their coolest costumes to share in the festivities. Activities included a costume contest, Big Air competition, Jam Session, and gear clinics.

Not only did the kiters show up, the wind also made an appearance! Winds ranging from 17 to 27 knots made for great demo conditions. Riders were able to test various brands in sizes ranging from 7 to 12 meters. The 12m TS proved to be the test favorite. Sean Walters (Owner of LTD) had this to say. “The TS just keeps getting better and better. Most riders gravitated to the TS due to Kevin Wade from BEST Kiteboarding going H.A.M. on his 12m. I came within inches of landing my first Back Mobe. Our instructor Alex had some of his biggest jumps ever today on a 12m. Truly a kite to be flown by everyone!”

The costumes proved to be just as entertaining as the high flyers who wore them. Penguins, Super Mario, Clowns, and Captain Hook were just a few of the stand out participants willing to sacrifice their outfits to the salt water in the name of a good time. Results for the competitions are as follows:

Big air

1st Matt McCarty

2nd Lorne Hale

3rd Victor Rodriguez

Costume Contest

1st Matt McCarty

2nd Victor Rodriguez

3rd Julian Londono

The day ended with pizza, beverages, high fives, and laughs as everyone traded exaggerated stories of their performances. After demoing several brands throughout the day, local kiter Victor Rodriguez stopped by LTD to purchase a 2015 TS 12m! He tells us that his fiancé will have to fight for her spot in the bed!

Be sure to check out LTD’s brand new website for more details of the event: If you’re in Northwest Florida, I highly recommend this shop. An awesome staff built around one of the best group of kiters out there!