Armada 2015

There’s 20 boards in the Best kiteboarding lineup for 2015, that’s if you include each size in the twintips. Smack bang in the middle of those is the 135cm Best Armada, which we think is an appropriate position based on the task it’s been designed for.

It’s in the middle in terms of size, design and price, but by no means is it an average board. The Armada takes what’s required from an all-round performance kiteboard, then goes one better. So when Franz Schitzhofer emerged from the shaping room with the 2015 Armada, complete with new bottom shape, glossy finish and Basalt Fiber peeking out from behind the graphics, it had quite the reputation to live up to.

So what’s different, how did it ride and (the big question!) is it better than last years board? We threw both the 2014 and 2015 Best Armada 135’s in the car, and asked the riders at Bribie Island (North of Brisbane, Australia) to find out…

“It feels a bit stiffer than the old one. Through chop it still feels smooth, but when you load and pop it’s got a much snappier feeling to it.”
Matt Young

“I’m not sure if it’s the extra channels on the base, or the stiffer design, but this one seems to really ‘lock in’ this year. You just set it and forget it, which is really nice for freeride sessions.”
Lyatte Peach

Find out more about the 2015 Armada or get comfy and listen to Alex Arseneault talking you through all the design changes.

Alex Arsenault 2015 gear talk:

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