Meet The New Best TS V.7

Let's kick off the new 2018 kite season with the release of Best's renown Crossover High-Performance kite TS in version 7. This versatile Freestyle/Freeride/Wave weapon is again designed to take your riding to the next level. Plenty of updates big and small make the TS V.7 another must-have kite for ambitious riders. The TS V.7 is coming in sizes 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16 m, first sizes shipping beginning of May, order now!

It's obvious that the new TS V.7 will be another Best stunner at the beach. Fresh and popping colors turn your kite session into an even greater fun, and turn heads at every beach. The new TS design connects the heritage of our bestseller with latest kitesurf technology by Best Kiteboarding.

Experienced TS riders will feel well at home right from the first launch of this new high-performance kite. The Best TS remains the renown mid-to-high aspect ratio kite everybody loves for its quick turning and immediate reactiveness. No matter if you're going for a big jump or nothing but upwind, this kite is pure pleasure to ride. The TS is lively and versatile for endless fun in every freeride session. At the same time it is offering great pop for advanced freestyle tricks and supports you in landing new tricks with ease. Tangible line slack enables you to properly finish moves from the book. Trimming options allow for tuning your TS exactly the way you like by making the kite turn faster or offer more bar pressure.

The most significant changes to the TS are in the detail. Again Best R&D optimised the trailing edge construction in order to provide even more stability, great balance in each kite size and excellent durability to level expectations to the allrounder's reactiveness with great longevity.

More importantly the R&D team also focused on the inflation system. While already a great benefit in 2017's TS V.6 the Twist Lock valve 2.0 received another important update now in V.7. Since Twist Lock Valve 2.0 you can attache the hose of your kite pump directly to the valve. No nozzle, no hassle. The end of the hose docks and locks directly with one so-called bayonet connector. On the new TS V.7 this very connection piece is now the original Boston valve part. So Best Kiteboarding is making another statement for integrating proven technology to the benefit of the customer instead of trying to reinvent the wheel for no reason. The new docking piece makes the hose sit tight and solid during inflation in order to reliably ensure perfect air-flow for a fast and easy inflation.

Looking closer at Best's single inflation EZ Pump® system you will realise that all the strut valve connectors have been fully padded with tailor-made Neoprene sleeves surrounded by protection zones on the canopy in order to prevent abrasion or any other type of wear and tear to the cloth. This way the new TS is ready to last for more flying hours than ever before and can withstand the forces of mother nature even under roughest conditions.

Starting with the TS V.7 Best Kiteboarding also introduces one complete new pricing model. From now on regular in-season list prices will be revolutionarily low and easy. Both TS and Roca (Version 3 coming soon!) will cost the same price per size. You can buy a TS 12 m kite at only $/€ 999,– and add a bar for just $/€ 99,– including shipping cost.

There will be further add-on options with boards or accessories for you throughout the year.

The new TS V.7 is available now in key sizes 9, 10 and 12 m, with further sizes being added every week. Eventually the TS V.7 will be available in sizes 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16 m. Sizes 14 and 16 m for lightest wind conditions even include free 3 m line-extensions to unlock their full potential at an unbeatable price.

Go check out the new Best TS V.7 and place your order before we run short on single sizes.

There will be even more than the new TS: The new Roca V.3, new twintips and new surfboards. So stay tuned and follow the news. We will inform you via email newsletter (Sign up here!), social media and on this website as soon as all the new goods become available.

Product details and prices can be subject to change.