Keep It Low and Easy in 2018

Today Best Kiteboarding is one of the most successful direct sales brands in kitesurf. Best riders are looking for highest quality gear and thrilling design at reasonable price points. Now new kites and boards are in the pipeline for springtime. So get ready for Best's 2018 product release and take your chance for a first quick look behind the curtain today.

Best Kiteboarding is ready to exceed your expectation one more time again to make your day on the water like never before. Fresh styles and colors, new features and improved performance at the most compelling price point is what you can look forward to.

Current gear by Best Kiteboarding represents the pinnacle of kitesurf technology. Highest performance and quality in kite engineering and manufacturing. For 2018 we decided to utilize these achievements and take them to the next level for an even better result. So let's look at the most amazing kites we've ever made accompanying the most exciting price revolution in the market!

Why price revolution? Answer: We found kite prices aren't only too high but also much too complicated today. That's why Best Kiteboarding will become the only brand where you choose your kite by style but always pay the same price for every model. How much? Well, you get a high quality, high performance 12 meter kite for only 999 Dollars. And you can add a high quality bar with Iron Heart IV quick release for only 99 Dollars flat fee.

Isn't that the most amazing pricing ever?! Choose your style:

This is hands down the biggest game changer in kitesurf equipment distribution since Best Kiteboarding first entered the market in 2003. Check out some of the new bits and pieces you can expect to become available soon… Ride with us!

The best weapon for constant fun and progress is still Best's 3-strut freeride-monster "Roca". Coming in its third version now the Roca had been revised from top to toe in order to improve performance and push your kite experience to the limit. Worth noticing would be especially the new Dacron frame to drastically reducing weight as well as an overall increase in stability to its wing's geometry.

This way the Roca not only becomes lighter and more agile but also offers a more predictable and reactive behaviour while still remaining the pulling freeride and jumping machine everybody loves. No question, the Roca V.3 is by far the most exciting ever made to let you conquer the elements.

The new Roca V.3 is coming in sizes 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 17 meters. Prices are real crackers allowing you to buy a Roca 12 m kite at only $ 999.– and add a bar for only $ 99.– extra! There will be more bundle offers complete with board for example to serve you with the most attractive packages in the market in summer. No other kite is offering such fun and quality at a lower price. This new Roca is just the obvious kite of choice for every true waterman.

Our well known center piece though is still one of the leading kites in the market: The Best TS. Now coming in its version no. 7 this monster of a Freestyle/Freeride/Wave Crossover High-Performance kite is exactly what experienced riders need for pushing their riding to the next level.

The new TS V.7 is coming in sizes 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16 meters. Same revolutionary prices here: You can buy a TS 12 m kite at only $ 999.– and add a bar for just $ 99.– including shipping cost.

On top there will also be other offers on brand new TS kite bundles e.g. complete with bar and board you definitely wouldn't want to miss out. Bottom line, there will be no other kite in the market providing you with such performance and quality while being priced so competitively.

So get ready to improve your riding and enhance your kitesurf experience with latest kitesurf technology by Best.

Of course there's more than kites. Best riders receive there next dose of twintip power to complete their quiver with just the right tool for freestyle, freeride or wave riders. As always core piece of the range remains the unbeatable Best Armada which already comes in its eighth version, challenged by a brand new Spin V.3. and more.

There will be even more though. Not only twintips but also surfboards and plenty of tangible improvements on the kites, all worth talking about in detail. So stay tuned and follow the news. We will inform you via email newsletter, social media and on this website as soon as all the new goods become available.

All information in this article supplied without liability; products and prices subject to change.