Go below 10 knots

  • Easy riding light wind and heavy rider twintip
  • Torsion-X reinforcement for control and responsiveness
  • Double concave with step rails, more lift, less drag and early planing
  • Lightweight Paulownia wood core for lively feel and endless durability
  • Pre Preg layup up to 700gr lighter than other moulded layups
  • Equipped with prime pads and straps, grab handle and 50mm G10 fins
$ 649.00

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Riding Style

Surf 1
Freeride 4
New to the sport 5
Newschool 1
Light wind 5

Go below 10 knots

The Breeze boards will help you turn any lightwind day into a great session. Designed to perform as lightwind/ freeride board for anyone and an all-round freeride board for heavier riders the Breeze boards will simply help you to ride more.

The Breeze is built on our lightweight Supremo wood core. We reinforce the deck with Torsion-X tape from corner to corner to ensure every Breeze retains the lively feel of our smaller boards. Basalt Fiber Tec gives the Breeze controlled and progressive damping to ensure that it never becomes a handful even in choppy water and gusty winds. A Step Rail underside with a subtle Double Concave allows you track like an arrow and provides extra lift with minimum drag to get you planing earlier and heading further upwind than any of your friends.

Discrete Insert Wide allows for extra wide stance set-ups to help you to drive the tail of the board and we offset the inserts towards the heel rail to make it easy to crank the Breeze over to get perfect pop whenever you decide it’s time to take to the air.

The 145cm and 158cm Breeze boards will provide you with more time on the water, helping to make those sub 10 knot days a reality for every rider who prefers a twin tip to a directional board. The 158 is a particular favorite of schools and beginners due to its extra floatation. Light wind specialists and heavier riders alike will find the Breeze boards offer the perfect mix of lightwind/freeride performance and ease of use. If you want to smash the lightwind barrier ride the Breeze and go below 10 knots.

Designer’s Vision

The Breeze is now lighter and with reduced drag for amazing upwind performance. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider looking to have lots of fun in low wind conditions, the Breeze is perfect!

Franz Schitzhofer

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Basalt Fiber Tec

Basalt Fiber Tec

This season we've constructed our high end boards with eco friendly Basalt fiber reinforcement. It's 20% stronger than fiberglass so we can make our boards lighter and better damped than the competition. This season we added the Rock to your board because we know how you like to roll.

Discrete Inserts Wide

Discrete Inserts Wide

A wider stance option on our performance boards allows you to push the tip and tail for greater control and more comfort especially when riding a larger ligthwind board.

Pre Preg Layup

Pre Preg Layup

100% Pre-Preg construction is lighter by up to 700gms compared to other layup methods and delivers the optimum strength to weight ratio. Low fat becasue every gram counts. Exclusive to Best.

Supremo Wood Core

Supremo Wood Core

The Supremo wood core is CNC machined to be stiffer and more precise than out Wood Flex core and it's ideally suited to any rider looking for the lightest wood core to help push their level.


Ease of Use
Chop Handling
Carving Ability
Early Planing