Stubby Pro-Surf

Attack by Air

Strapless Freestyle Board with thruster Future fin setup
Noseless shape, carbon stringer and channels for unlimited air trick performance
Shape provides fastest turning, maximum speed and enhanced grip
Extremely light but durable built thanks to innovative PU Vacuum Technology

$ 749.00

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Riding Style

Surf 4
Freeride 4
New to the sport 2
Newschool 4
Light wind 4

Attack by Air

The Best Stubby Pro-Surf sets the mark for the next generation of high performance freestyle surfboards. The tucked-in nose outline provides the perfect balance between lift and turning speed. This board is optimized to excel in strapless freestyle though it also loves to slice through small waves. The fast reflex of the carbon stringer generates fantastic pop; thin rails ensure outstanding grip and control. The top of the board offers smart rail channels for grabs and a smooth heel positioning. The board will cling to your feet after the take-off. An elaborated channel design at the bottom and its thruster fin configuration provide additional drive and control. Each board is hand-shaped in Portugal with our innovative PU-Vacuum technology. This construction ensures the optimal compound between fibers and resin, making the board both 30 % lighter than comparable surfboards and way more durable.

  • Tail reinforcement: Carbon
  • Finbox reinforcement: 6oz glass between foam and box plus carbon grid reinforcement
  • Finboxes: Future
  • 5´4 x 17 ¾ x 2 = Vol: 21 ltr
  • 5´6 x 18 ½ x 2 ¼ = Vol: 25.5 ltr

  • The board does not have inserts and comes without fins, leash and deck pads. This board is designed for advanced riders.
Product Designer Vision

Designer’s Vision

We created a unique construction process to achieve the performance we looked for. The result is an incredibly light board that has a fast responsive flex and the right buoyancy to ensure maximum control.

Peter Stiewe

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Carbon Reinforcements

Carbon Reinforcement

We reinforce our tail and fin boxes with ultra strong but light carbon mesh. This layer of protection absorbs the stress that is put on these parts of the board while safeguarding the board making it more durable than other boards.

Future Fin Boxes

Future Fin Boxes

The Future fin system is extremely light and strong. We installed the boxes using a mesh of Carbon to reinforce the boxes. This increases their durability tremendously while offering additional protection.

PU Vacuum Tech

PU Vacuum Tech

This innovative technique results in stronger more durable boards that are 30% lighter. By creating a vacuum when applying the resin, the resin forms a stronger compound with the fibers.

PU Vacuum Tech

Handshaped in Europe

Our surfboards are handshaped by one of the most prestigious surfboard factory in Portugal, located close to our R&D headquarter for kite design. The boards come to life by most experienced hands that ensure flawlessness.