Test Center Australia


About: We dedicated our lives to chasing wind. We tour around Australia in an annual circle to make sure we are around when the wind is on and you want to test. Get in touch and test out our latest gear! !
Contact: Email to Best Kiteboarding Australia

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Sam Medysky - Boganville

Canadian champ Sam Medysky escaped the winter in the Northern Hemisphere to enjoy the summer down under. An excellent choice! Boganville

Test Center New Zealand

New Zealand

About: There is always wind and we are always around to share a ride with you. Test our latest gear!
Contact: Email to Best Kiteboarding New Zealand

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Check out the latest gear

Check out the latest gear online

You want to know what there is to test? Check out all our latest toys and get your research done! We have a ton of new features such as our super reliable "Twist Lock Valve 2.0" inflation system for fastest inflation and packing. Check the latest gear

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