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  • Easy handling and insane freeride performance for all rider levels
  • Wood flex core absorbs chop and heavy landings
  • Concave bottom for early planing and easy upwind riding
  • ABS box rails for solid, durable performance
  • Size 134 cm weight 2.3 kg
    Size 139 cm weight 2.6 kg
    Size 144 cm weight 2.7 kg
$ 449.00

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Riding Style

Surf 1
Freeride 4
New to the sport 5
Newschool 1
Light wind 2

Let's get started

Are you new to the sport and looking for an affordable high quality freeride board? You just found it! The Spin is extremely easy to handle, effortlessly goes upwind and has great jumping attributes. Therefore it is the perfect board for all riding levels.

We equipped it with a three stage rocker and a wood flex core, which easily absorbs heavy chop and hard landings making the Spin ultra comfortable to ride - perfect for long freeride sessions. The Spin has a concave bottom so it provides early planing and these excellent upwind characteristics. ABS box rails make the board super solid and durable so it is your ideal travel companion with whom you will share endless adventures. Grab the Spin and let’s get started!

Designer’s Vision

I am very proud of this board as it will be the best friend of everybody who starts to kite. It's the perfect mix of simplicity and efficiency.

Franz Schitzhofer

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Box Rail

Box Rail

A 6.5mm box section ABS rail gives the Profanity amazing durability and impact resistance. A smaller box section rail on the Spark Plug and Breeze boards provides a cleaner water release for minimum drag and maximum upwind ability.

Wood Flex Core

Concave Bottom

Due to the concave bottom the board starts to plan incredible early, delivering a smooth riding experience while striving upwind.

Wood Flex Core

3 Stage Rocker

The three stage rocker significantly increases the riding comfort. It delivers perfect carving and turning behavior and allows you to easily switch your stance while riding.

Wood Flex Core

Wood Flex Core

The most forgiving and softest core in our line up the SparkPlug’s Wood Flex core provides an ideal balance of easy control and great shock absorption.


Ease of Use
Chop Handling
Carving Ability
Early Planing